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  1. See several of you guys doing a live update as you cook. So I figured I'ld jump on it as well. Getting ready to do a a rack of spares and possibly a 1/2 rack of baby. goes nothing. Hopefully trying the minion method to the charcoal will help me control my temps. Have a great Fathers Day!

  2. [​IMG]  I'm in. Lets see some pics. Make us Drool!

    Happy smoken.

  3. A bit behind but here they are all set to go. New rub experiment. A bit more on the garlicy side.

  4. So with a St Louis cut...what do you do with the tips? I'm debating about throwing them on kind of 1/2 way through since they will cook faster. I dunno. Never cooked them before this way. Any suggestions?
  5. I would throw them on when you put the ribs on. Pull them when they are done and have a snack. Or you can also put them on later. The only rule in the Q world. Is have fun.

    Happy smoken.

  6. Awesome, thanks David! Will do. Im about 1.5hrs in so I'll throw them in and check my fire since its such a ... messy setup haha. Pics to come.
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  7. So here is my home brew setup. I can hear the laughs...Water pan got run over by a car recently (long story that does not bear repeating) so my old dutch oven is doing back up duty as a water pan. Air control is pretty bad. Weber mini joe is my burner on the bottom to replace the missing charcoal pan. One day soon hopefully I'll be able to replace this old thing with something a bit more ... together.

  8. Nothing wrong with that. Now back to the home brew!

    Happy smoken.

  9. Been interesting to learn the personalities of different grills. Thank god for beer. So the minion method for my smoker isn't what I should do. Apparently due to my crap airflow control, 6-8 hrs of fuel decided to try to burn in an hour. A few burns and many beers later and resetting hopefully I salvaged the ribs. Wrapped and now finishing on an improvised 225deg. We'll see...since it's questionable my roommate and I went full creative on the wrap for the baby backs.

    So the wrap for the St Louis ribs is margerine, Tiger sauce, honey and the rub. For the baby backs we decided to go Peach Preserves, rub (was a variation of Myron Mixons) and spicy sweet mustard. Here's to experimenting when all else fails! haha
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    Its all about experimentin'. Been experimentin' for30 yrs. Had a way I was doing it for ever and all loved t then came the internet.

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