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Discussion in 'Pork' started by michsmoker, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. I've got a 20lb fully cooked ham.  Any advice on time and temp for reheating in my smoker?
  2. About 20-25 minutes per pound. If you are concerned about timing the ham can be foiled, wrapped in towels, and put in a cooler when it's done. It will stay hot and moist for a couple of hours done that way.
  3. Ok thanks for the reply..was wondering about timing..any suggestions on what temp. to run my smoker?
  4. scarbelly

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    All you are doing is reheating it so anywhere from 225 to 300 - I am doing mine at 250 good luck 

    I am going to rub it with mustard tonite and hit it with some cherry rub I got from a friend 
  5. I do mine at 240. I think you can go to hot on glazed ham and burn the glaze. 240-250 seems to work good for me also. These double smoked hams are nice. It's one of our favorites.
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    So far, I've never done a ham in a smoker. I've always done it in my propane grill. I do it at 300 degrees. I glaze it every 30 minutes. For a glaze, I use soy sauce and apricot. I got this recipe from the Barbecue Web. Man it's a good recipe.
  7. Great...thanks for all the replies...can always count on this forum for info..have a great easter and happy smokin...[​IMG]
  8. Good luck and happy Easter. Please let us know how your ham turns out.

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