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Discussion in 'Grilling Beef' started by chad e, Jun 12, 2016.

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    Thought I would try a slight departure from the everyday meat selections usually posted here. Props to the wife for the idea.

    Smoked meatloaf

    1st I started with a maple bourbon BBQ sauce that I found on this site and fell in love with. I prefer...
    Who knew that the little airplane bottles are 1/4 cup. Well I do now!
    Sauce is simmering to draw out chipotle heat...
    While I wait the WSM is prepped and ready to go... I think its called Soo's Donut method

    12 lit coals to fire that baby up in an upside down chimney. 2 chunks of cherry and 1 chunk of apple for flavor should do it.

    On to the meatloaf..

    2 lbs ground round
    1 lb preffered sausage
    My personal favorite is Tennessee Pride (hot)
    1/2 bag of roasted pepper/onion
    I get these from Schwans...
    Worcestershire sauce to taste
    Generous shake down of Jeff's Texas Style rub
    2 eggs
    1 cup crushed Ritz crackers
    Mix well... I've been told/read that over mixing will make it tough. No idea if its true or not but I'm not finding out.

    Smoker up to temp?
    I was shooting for 250° so that works for me!
    Throw it on and wait 2 hours before cracking it open.
    1 1/2 later time to slather that beauty in my favorite sauce.
    IT to 165° and it's time to eat.
    Plated with sugar snap peas in a garlic butter and roasted potatoes with butter and black pepper.
    I wish I could qview my taste buds and how mouth watering good it was. The flavors all came together so well in the WSM I couldn't be more pleased.
    Washed it down with my preferred drink of choice..

    If you have not made one yet, I highly recommend it.
    Thanks for reading! Literally everything I know about smoking is from this site and I can't thank you all enough. The tips/info/opinions all have made my taste buds ridiculously happy.
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  2. jp61

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    A meal I'm sure I'd enjoy!

    Nice job!
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    Wow! That is a meal to be proud of! Thank you for sharing!
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    Very nice!!

    Looks delicious!

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