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  1. Cooking some butt and tenderloin for Sunday family dinner.
    Going to make pork butt burnt ends with the butt. Jeff's rub, using the latest news letter recipe. Looked so good in the email.
    The tenderloin is stuffed with apple slices that where baked just a minute or two with cinnamon, nutmeg, and brown sugar. Injected it with apple/ apple cider and a teaspoon of rub. Did this before and the family loved it.
    Smoked with apple wood and hickory.

  2. Going to make a batch of "wicked baked beans" and creamy cole slaw.
    The kettle and smokenator does the job but begging my wife for a new smoker.
    Hope the results of this dinner might inspire her for my selfish need for real equipment.

    Gonna cook the tenderloin shy of the normal temp I usually do I hope of wrapping in foil and rewarming tommorrow.

    Any thoughts on rewarming without dryness. Thinking of wrapping with a little apple juice in the bottom of the foil. Suggestions would be appreciated.

    Hope to post some pics later
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    When I re-warm things....I use a foil pan with a lid.  I turn on the oven around 300*....and leave it in for about 30-45 minutes.  I haven't had anything dry-out yet.  Food is looking great so far.  Make sure you show q-views later on as things progress.  Make me drool....we are going to have spaghetti tonight.  I want yours!

  4. " not quite wicked baked beans" ready for the smoke. My 3 and 5 year old like them " playfully sinful" but my wife wants " little white lie" we settle for " not quite wicked"

  5. Creamy cole slaw ready for the herd.

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    If you give me your address, I'll bring the wine and beer!

  7. No room on the weber for the beans so we must improvise to add a little smoky goodness


  8. 4 1/2 hours on the kettle. Gonna wrap the tenderloin with foil and a little apple juice for moisture. Starting to look dry.

  9. Cut up and back to the grill for finishing. Add the rub and sauce .
    Smells so good. Let it smoke on the weber for. 6 hours and had to put it on the gas grill to get it up to 170. It stalled at 154. Typical of trying to smoke on a kettle. Very little temp control. When the meat stalls you either wait forever or go to the gas for a while. 220 is about as high as I can get without a flaming smokenator. Oh well it looks good so far .
  10. Everything came out good. Triple wrapped the tenderloin in foil with a little apple juice in the bottom. Reheat for 30 minutes at 350*. Came out good[/IMG

    The butt was awesome thanks Jeff for the suggestion.
    Enough for lunch tommorrow.
    [GALLERY="media, 256861"][/GALLERY]

    Thanks for everyone on this site for suggestions and recipes. Everything I made was borrowed from this site.

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