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  1. OK boys and girls. My second try at brisket. Last time I went unwrapped for the whole smoke. Fittin' to start a 6 lb flat at about 1130pm tonight. Gonna set my MES30 @ 220 (per my therm and not the MES temp gauge). Using my AMNPS maze with grill master mix of apple, cherry and hickory. Filled all 3 rows for all night smoke (provided it doesn't burn out prematurely or burn all 3 rows in 3 hours as per my last couple attempts at the maze) I'll determine whether I foil this one or not after I get up in the morning and see where I'm at with the IT. Pics to follow. Been rubbed and in the fridge since 1pm this afternoon. Out now getting room temp.
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  2. Molasses and then JJ's Mild Bubba Q rub.

    MES30 at 220, in around 1145pm.
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  3. Woke up at 830. IT @ 169, decided to foil. Wrapped and put apple juice in the foil. Back in.

    My AMNPS is still burning. Did something right with it finally. Woo hoo.

    So, I like bark, is bark more important on pulled pork than brisket? Could I unfailing before 200 IT and try for more bark at the end?
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  4. Ok, 12 noon and  pulled @ 196 IT and wrapped in towels and comfortably resting in the cooler. 
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    It looks great, hard to believe that's only your 2nd brisket!
  7. Thanks Aggie. I have read a lot on here abojt these. I'm not really sure how juicy these are supposed to be, they are  fairly lean meat whe it's at the end of the day. I read where many people have trouble with juicy results. Now this isn't dripping  in juice, it is tender, very tasty and moist.  I think wrapping in foil and juice may give a better result.  My .02

    I am happy with the results on this one. I hope I can  improve on it, just not sure what area to adjust.  
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    Looks great! You un foiled at the end? Looks like you got some of the bark you wanted. Important part is the taste though!
  9. Thanks bauch, Actually No I didn't un-foil at the end.  Still had nice bark thought, I was happy with it. 
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    Dang it Harley that looks great - Nice job 

    A full smoker is a happy smoker 

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  11. Thanks DS, yes I was full and very happy. Just had leftovers for lunch. Man this meat gets better the next day.

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