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  1. Here we go with my first major smoke on my freshly built UDS!  I'm still trying to think of a name for it.  Anyways, I started with about 1/2 a basket of Royal oak lump and 3 nice charred pieces of Apple Wood.  Opened up all the intakes and got her up to 200 F and then it just sat there @ 200 and wouldnt do anyting for a while...then I remembered;  the wings on the top rack weren't completely thawed out when I put them on, so I'm guessing that may have kept the temp there at 200 for a while.  After about 1/2 hour it slowly rose to 250 and I kept it there til the end with very few adjustments  [​IMG]  however...I learned 3 important things on this smoke: 

    1.  I will never try to marinade wings overnight again.  IMO it is a waste of time.  I marinaded 1 Bag of wings in Stubbs chicken marinade, and I could not taste a difference at the end with the ones that had not been marinaded. 

    2.  Less is more...Dont crank up the temp at the end to try and crisp them up as you will char some of them beyond recognition and there's not much meat left on them.

    3.  I will not spin them in sauce afterward.  IMHO, they taste great just off the smoker with no sauce on them.  THe sauce is good on them, don't get me wrong, but it is not a good idea to take them to achurch cookout dripping with sauce...people get a little messy...but WOW were they good!  Everyone at the cookout was raving about them and I just kept quiet and chuckled to myself as they tried to figure out who brought them. 

    Q View to follow:


    Light em up!


    All opened up
  2. [​IMG]

    1st rack was the Stubbs marinaded wings


    Top rack was just plain old wings.  Still partly frozen


    about an hour and 45 minutes later


    Can u smell them?  [​IMG]


    All sauced up


    And I believe this is called the "Bear Shot" ?
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    Great job on breaking in the UDS, I suggest HighLander. [​IMG]  Kurgan not so good. 
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    Congrats on the UDS and a great smoke.

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    Those Look Great, You can  send some My Way...
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    They look great!

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