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  1. Here in Minnesota it gets so cold that we can't smoke or we just don't have the desire to freez while doing it. I love smoking but I don't like freezing even more. So I smoke as much and as often as I can from spring to snow fly then vaccume seal everything that I will be enjoying all winter long. Today it is cold and raining steady. I felt hungree for ribs today so I took a rack of spair ribs that I St Louis cut out of the freezer put them in the microwave while still in the vacuumed pack, pushed the warm cycle button for 6 min. Took them out of the package, slathered them with sauce and under the broiler they went Until they started to bubble on top and turn a little brown, about 5 min. I know, there's nothing like fresh out the smoker but you would need to try one of each to tell the difference. The good of this Is that I can have brisket, ribs, pulled pork or anything I am hungree for no matter what the weather is like at a moments notice.
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    Desperate times call for desperate measures.  I don't envy you your winters up there. 
  3. yah the weather pretty much sucks. I smoked those ribs in my new Masterbuilt 40 2.5 generation. It was full from top to bottom and all the ribs were done to perfection. If I can get through the snow to my smoker I will try some cold smoking. Does anyone know how well the Masterbuilt hot smoke in cold weather? It's pointless in my WSM.

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