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  1. going to try my hand at making some summer sausage this weekend, have got a mix for 25 pounds of meat. i have got 20 pounds of vension in the fridge for thaw. the rest will be a pork butt, or some ground pork. is this mixture okay? can i add cheese straight out of the pack here, i was thinking of cubed cheese and some jalapenos for this. how many jalapenos should i add for 25 pds of meat. i do not want to hot just a little taste of them along with the cheese. how long does it take to smoke them in a smoker, and at what temp do i smoke to, and how much pink salt should i add... i know this is alot to ask but please help, weekends a coming. thanks in advance

  2. i have 1 1/2 x 12 fibrous casings and i have 2 1/2 x 20 casings

  3. will smoke pentrate this fibrous casing? and what temp should i keep my smoker? what i.t. temp should the sausage be when its done?

  4. i really need a step by siep guide

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    I did my first summer sausage not too long ago and it came out great.  I used fibrous 1.5x12 casings.  I cooked 2 hours at 130 then added smoke and bumped the temp up every hour till I hit 170 and left it there till the sausage hit an IT of 152 degrees. 

    I can't help with the pink salt as I used a mix from LEM that had the cure packets for each 5lbs of meat.  I did 4lbs of ground beef and 1lb of pork. 

    Here is my thread from the smoke.
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    ratio will be good... that comes out to 75/25 ... pink salt will be 1 LEVEL teaspoon (use back side of butter knife to scrap off access) per 5 lbs of meat... so 5 LEVEL teaspoons for 25 lbs of meat... as for jalapenos.. I used 3 (chopped up, seeds and all) per 5 lbs... heat was just right for me... problem is.. sometimes jalapenos are hot, sometimes not... so it's kinda hit or miss with them... as for cheese... my last batch I used store bought cheese and cut it up into 1/4" cubes... i wasn't very happy with it as it does melt and then when it cools it just doesn't have the texture it should have anymore... it's kinda runny like.. so next time I think I will spend the extra money and get the high temp cheese... it took close to 12 hrs in the smokehouse at temps that Scott said above... I also used the 1 1/2 x 12 casings... smoke penetration is ok...

    What seasoning are you going to use for these ??
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    Hope this helps

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    if you love the heat of jalapenos add what you like... my wife and kids hate things even at a mild spicy level. if you cut the seeds out and soak them in cold water for a couple of minutes they will be the spice level of bell peppers but the flavor of jalapenos... i have no idea how or why that works since water certainly doesn't help when you've eaten too much of them, but it works
  9. fellows thanks for all the information, my jerky cannon broke, so off to cabelas to get a new 5 lb stuffer, will try again tomorrow.

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    Boykjo (Joe)... am I reading your pink salt measurement correct ??? a 1/2 tsp per lb of meat ???? or is that a typo ????
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    Cure #1 is one "level" TEAspoon per 5 pounds of meat in sausage.  That also works out to 1 ounce (by weight) for 25 pounds.  If you have a good set of scales that does at least 1/10 gram resolution, I would go by weight since you are making the full 25 pounds.  Tare out your container and then weigh out 28.4 grams of cure #1.  If you wanted to may 5 pounds, I would get a set of scales with a 1/100th resolution.  You can find good ones on Amazon in the $20-$25 range.  If your scale only does pounds and ounces, I would use the measure method and go with 5 level teaspoons for 25 pounds of meat mix.

    Those amounts for cure#1 ("pink salt" or Prague powder) are pretty much standard, but double check your cure bag or the directions on the kit to verify that the cure you have is at the same ratio.  There are different types of cures.  I had a summer sausage kit that had a different cure that was in a much higher ratio one time.  I think it was a Eastman 15 pound kit.  I do remember I took their cure packet and after tarring my container, I weighed the cure and then divided it into 3 portions so I could make 5 pounds at a time.  I think it was a sugar cure mix.  Just check what you have.
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    My bad. Thats a retard typo. Fixed.......[​IMG]
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    Now it says 1 teaspoon/ pound of meat.

    Please fix again...
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    There was a brain fart


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    The mixture is good, and you can try some Bratwurst, then you'll have more thoughts on mixtures.
  16. you mean the will be more thoughs, i have asked a zillion questions here for this, and bought a 1000 dollars worth of equipment.huh...


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