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  1. made a batch of summer sausage 2 months ago, it took 20 hrs to get to temp, but turned out good. Put another batch in yesterday at 10:00 am and now 21 hrs later its just getting to 150. My temp probes both say smoker temp is at 170 and meat temps in two sausages have both been within a few degrees the whole smoke. Bottom line is does this seem too long for 12 lbs of summer sausage in a mes 40.......The last batch was a "kit"from butcher packer and it was exellant, both taste and texture. added some mustard seed and cracked black pepper. Hope this batch is as good...thx
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    Can you tell us what type and size casings you are using.... 20 hrs seems a long time...   I would bump the temp up 10 degrees every hr. I would add another remote probe where the sausage is hanging to confirm the chamber temprature

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    Can we assume that you have tested your thermometers and know they are accurate? If not that needs to be done first as your probably smoking at a lower temp then you think you are. I have the same question, how big are your casings?
  4. Im using standard 2.5 inchX 20 inch mahogany cases I have tested both of the temp probes (maverick) and they are accurate. The temps seem to go up about 2 degrees pr hour, with a stall at 130. The temp swings are from 165 to 174. Was afraid to turn up the temp and melt out the fat.......temp is at 150 right now......plan on pulling them in 1 hr....thx for the replies.
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    Sound like your bases are covered....... Your good at 150 or better. with the diameter of the casings it will take while to reach temp depending on the characteristics of your smoker but like I said I would start out at 110 and bump it up 10 degrees every hr and not exceed 180 degrees

    That's what I would do

    Good luck and dont forget the qveiw

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    your photo bucket page is not found

  8.   looks good and smells great....and health risks cooking that "low and slow" Did some checking and i was probably cooking at 160-165.....heres some Q-view


  9. after resting in the fridge 24 hrs did a taste and it turned out great......a little chewey "bark" on the edge, great flavor. I re-check my maverick probe and it was reading 4 degrees high. That combined with   the fact my cooking temps ranged between 165 to 174 (actually 161 to 170) gave me a avg cooking temp around 165, and that could explain the extended cooking time.
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    Looks great - enjoy
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    I always struggle with the same issue.  The last 5 degrees takes forever.  Last year I think my smoker was overloaded and the sausage turned out shriveled and a little dry.  Today, I took it out at 10 hours (149 degrees) and laid it in the oven at 170.  The last 5 degrees finished pretty quickly.  I'm going to have to verify what my internal cooking temp is.  I have a Johnson Controls thermometer with the remote probe but who knows.
  12. I bought the mavrick/remote cause i read so much about it....but my 19 dollar tayor is right on and the new mavrick is off by 4 batch I'll run a little hoter....170 on the low side and it probably swing uo to 178 or so..thx for the replies....Again, it took a long time, but is deeeeliissius

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