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    I want to make some summer sausage. Can i use hamburger and if so how lean does it have to be. Because the store where i shop has it on sale and it's 80% lean. The other question i have is during the smoking process do you use wood ( i'll be using chips) from start to finish? Thanks for your advice.
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    Yes i will be using a kit. I have experience in making fresh brats, italian brats, and pork sausage. I have a 5 lb stuffer and a grinder. Im just new to smoking. Thanks
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    Yes you can make Summer Sausage with store bought GB of 73/27-80/20 or 85/15. 80/20 is about the best.

    When using a kit that calls for a 25 lb batch and you only want to make 5 lbs? Here is what i do.

    5 Tbs of the SS mix

    1 level tsp of cure #1. If its the maple cure that came in the kit you can use 1.5 tsp

    Mix with 3/4 to 1 cup water. Mix into meat and do a taste test (i like raw meat so i taste that way) If not to you liking add 1 Tbs to the meat and re mix. Taste again, add more if needed.

    Remember its not rocket science and no PHD required.
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    The first answer to your question is you are making it. Then you will be eating it. So that says that you can make sausage out of anything that you want to. I have never made summer sausage out of store ground meat but then think about it. If you grind the meat or the store grinds the meat it still ground meat .........right.
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