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  1. I recently bought a summer sausage kit from Hi Mountains and the seasoning in it was Cracked Pepper and Garlic.  My wife and I truly liked the taste.  When I went to their website to buy the seasoning by itself they only sold it in bulk.  Enough for 110lbs.  I need to buy it for around 25 lbs.  Does anyone know where I can get a cracked pepper and garlic seasoning or have a recipe they would share with me.

  2. What is the price for the 110#

  3. $64.29 for enough to do 115 lb.
  4. If you google "hi mountain cracked pepper n garlic jerky seasoning kit" several online places come up to order just the kit for 15 lbs for roughly $7.99 per box.

    Hi Mountain's site came up second on the list after Amazon.
  5. The cracked pepper and garlic mentioned for 7.99 was for jerky not summer sausage.  Is there any difference in the amount of seasoning used for jerky as opposed to summer sausage.  If I bought the cracked pepper and garlic for the jerky would I just calculate the amounts used for the summer sausage and use it.  By buying in bulk it would probably take me a year to use the up the seasoning for 115 lbs and I would be afraid it would go bad before I used it all  up.

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    You could always just buy a " Regular" SS kit and doctor it up. I do this all the time. I add two Heaping Tbls of fresh cracked pepper and the same amount of granulated garlic to mine. This is for a 20lb batch.
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    Like Smokamotive said, buy some pre-made sausage seasonings.  There are many on line to get including some that advertise on this site. Make some with the original seasoning the first time with a small batch.  See how you like it and then you can add seasonings after you taste it and go from there.  I'm always adding extra fresh garlic to almost everything i make. I also add cheese to some also. You can add red pepper flakes and more.  Keep a log as to what you use as far as a commercial seasoning and what you added including liquid and even dry powdered milk as a binder. 

    There are plenty of local meat markets and grocery stores that sell sausage seasonings and kits. I just get the seasonings when i need it and they are anywhere from 10 pound batches to 25 pound batches. Ask your butcher where you shop also. Reinhard
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