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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by jborque, Oct 13, 2016.

  1. I found a recipe created to Pat Thompson in 2012 for Summer Sausage that everyone loved last year. It calls for liquid buttermilk and I was wondering if you guys think I could use powered Buttermilk or something else instead.

    Also have any of you used Curley's Summer Sausage spice? If so please tell me what you think of it. 
  2. nepas

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    I have use buttermilk and Sako powder BM (same as fermento) All of these give you the LA (Lactic Acid) to have a tangy taste. ECA will do the same after you hand mix it in. I used Curleys in the past, not bad but find its close to LEM mixes.
  3. chewmeister

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    If you don't want to or can't ferment them, Fermento is a good substitute.
  4. Thanks Nepas and Chewmaster.

    One more question: I made a batch of venison SS today and my fiberous casings shrunk to the point of being loose. The meat was lean, low moisture and I did not rush the temps. There was no moisture or grease evidence in the bottom of the smoker I finished off at 170 with a pot of water in the house for the last 2 hours. The internal reached 155. The product is great tasting.

    Please tell me what I'm doing wrong.
  5. nepas

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    Loose casing is under stuffing. Your water finish should be at a water temp of 160-165, may take while depending on what IT of the meat you pulled from your smoker, keep the water moving with a spoon so you dont get hot spots. Also if you take the temp IT of the meat in the water and its say like 150-151 you can pull, dunk in cold water for 30 seconds and hang or rack the chubs, they will IT to 152-153 by themselves..
  6. Nepas, Thank you Sir! Believe me I appreciate your help.

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