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  1. I just took a batch of summer sausage out of the smoker and they looked pretty nice. After I put them in cold water for about 15 minutes , the casings where shriveled and loose on the sausage. This happened to me on some snack sticks also. They were not filled out and smooth like I thought they should be.  Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong.  The directions from PS said to bath in cold water after smoking.  Thanks.
  2. I cool them down in a bath of of cold water, then shower them with hot water briefly to remove the wrinkles.
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    At what temp did you cook them. Did you see any fat render from them.

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  4. I had that problem a couple of times - I now put the sausage in ICE water for 3 minutes then hang at room temp for an hour. After that put it in the fridge over night before vacuum sealing and freezing.   Remember - The ice water bath is only to stop the cooking process - Just a couple of minutes will do the trick. I think 15 minutes is too long and may be the problem with the wrinkled/loose casing.
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    yeah if you cold water them just for a few mins.

    wrinkled casings can be caused from a few things such as under stuffed, not enough binder to minimize shrinkage, to high temp to fast, fat-out, casings not soaked long enough b4 stuffing.

    how bout some pics?

    ya know what they say..............
  6. I started the temp. at  100 and brought it up 20 degrees at a time until final temp of 185. Meat temp at 156 at finish. Soaked casings in warm water for 30 minutes before stuffing. I think the binder my have been my problem.  They did look somewhat better after hanging for about an hour.   Thanks for the info.
  7. 185 might be a bit high, you may have rendered the fat out, also have you calibrated the thermometer you use for your smoker temps?
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    185 was to high a temp and 156 to high IT. Sounds like it had a fat-out. was there grease at the bottom or between the casing and meat.
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    I have made summer sausage with leggs seasoning using beef (1/2 round & 1/2 chuck) mine have turned out this same way each time following the same method. Also can't seem to get enough spice in them. Good thing I don't make them to look at[​IMG]. No fat out, no puddles left in smoker just wrinkled sausage.
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    I made some SS using Legg's mix last weekend. Put it in 1 1/2'' casings. I had a little shrinkage but not much. I did 7lb pork,and 1lb beef. Cooked them to 152 then put them in ice bath for about 20min, then overnight in the fridge. 

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