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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by bones1948, Dec 25, 2015.

  1. I was reading through one of the threads on the percentage of venison to pork butt to achieve the 80/20 ratio

    to achieve the 20 per cent of fat needed.  I guess I was doing it wrong.  I would get 8 lbs of venison and 2 lbs

    of pork butt and grind that up thinking I had the correct ratio.  I was reading a thread where Cranky Buzzard said

    in order to achieve the 80/20 ratio you needed to mix 50 % venison and 50 % pork butt.  I guess I have been 

    mixing the incorrect amounts for my summer sausage.  You can teach an old dog new tricks.

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    I'm thinking you misread /misunderstood CB about the 50/50 ratio .... Your original ratio is correct... 80% venison to 20% pork butt... can you post a link to that particular thread ??
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  3. I stand corrected.  I indeed misread the thread.  The mixture is 80% venison to 20% pork butt.  I must have had

    a senior moment.  thank you for the correction.

  4. 80% venison to 20 % pork butt will NOT give you 20% fat in your sausage 
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    Very true. Rather than simply focusing on the ratio of venison to pork to determine your fat percentage you should be focusing on the percentage of fat in each of your cuts of meat used. For example, if the venison is 90/10 and the pork is 70/30 and your target is 80/20 then you would want a 1:1 ratio of venison to pork ((10+30)/2 =20). If say the pork was actually 60/40 then your ratios need to change as a 50/50 mix would result in a fat percentage of ((10+40)/2=25). I would have to look the actual math up to calculate the percentage of pork as I'm a little foggy on that at the moment but you get the point. I think it's something like ((Xv)+(Xp))/(sum of X) where X = lbs, v=venison (.1), and p=pork (.4). Adjust Xp as needed until correct ratio is reached.
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  6. from a long time maker of deer salami and summer sausage take my advice ............ stop worrying about 20% this and 80% that and use 50% boned out deer meat and 50% pork butts ............... that mix makes WONDERFUL salami and summer sausage .

     dont know what the final %'s are and dont care 
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  7. jckdanls 07

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    as you'll see.... everybody likes their own mix and thinks it's the best.... so you'll just have to play with it and come up with what you think is the best (in your own mind) ....
  8. oh and d BTW ..., if your pork butts happen to be 15 -20 % fat , which they probably are , you will end up where you wanted to be 
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    B1948, My last VSS batch was roughly 70% venison and 30% pork loin which came out superb(post below in this section with money shot ). As JD07 said you will have to find your own mix but don't go lean or your VSS will be dry.

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