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  1. Ok not sure how pics are gonna align. But 11 lb deer and 10 ground beef 4 pork fat. Then the seasoning, cure. Sat overnight. Added japs and cheese and eca. Stuffed and did the dry at 100. Smoked up to 140 for 4.5 hrs. Vac sealed and sous vide at 152 for 4 hrs. Ice bath then fridge. If you notice the 2 cut ones. One has gelatin in it. The other doesn’t. Why ? Is this fat out ? It’s not solid. Fresh out of fridge it’s gelatin. Tastes great. The sausage with the gelatin has a better flavor than the others?? All done at same time. Not a total failure as everyone said it tastes better, you just gotta squeeze out the meat jam or it doesn’t look good. Texture good on both. Kinda soft on non jam log. Neither dry. Can’t think of what else to add. So what do you all think ??

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  2. dirtsailor2003

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    High temp cheese? What was the fat content of the beef and pork? How did you mix?

    What was the relationship of the chubs in the SV?
  3. Thanks for reply dirt.
    Not high temp. Both white and yellow extra sharp cheddar. Neither are melted. Hand mixed. Took forever. Did in stages so it didn’t warm on me. Beef was 80/20 ground beef. The pork was trimmings probably 90/10. Mostly fat. My sous vide is my grainfather beer brewer. It held 10 20” logs vertically kinda loose. I am wondering if touching inner basket did it? Nothing would get over 152 but the depression that is holding the jelly runs vertical. I didn’t notice it until after ice bath but then again they were 152 so I didn’t handle much. So not sure if there is a relationship between touching inner basket and being in the center
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    Should start heat at 130, this will give enough heat for the meat to start to bind and the ECA start to melt.

    Here is the temp and time scale i use for most of my sausage making. I use this for chubs and sticks. Please note that YOUR RESULTS MAY VARY.
    Outside weather conditions can also have a big part of how long it takes the meat to target IT.


    I do not use a meat probe while smoking, the probe can cause fat cavitation and give false readings. Use a Thermapen to check IT of meat. I know that opening the door is going to increase your time, just the nature of the game.

    Hang your stuffed casings at room temp for 2 hours to dry and set. Have your smoker pre heated at 130* I use a Masterbuilt electric. Keep your top vent open. Closing the vent off will increase moisture inside your smoker and give you an unpleasant discoloration on your product. Remember this is semi dry sausage, not dripping prime rib.

    1. Hang in smoker at 130* for 2 hours (no smoke)
    2. 140* for 1.5-2 hrs smoke (Use of a water pan is your call)
    3. 150* for 2.5 hrs (smoke opt)
    4. 160 for 2.5-3 hrs (smoke opt) check meat IT here from the top of the chubs. You may have a stall in this time period.
    5. Increase smoke temp to 170* (opt smoke) For 3-4 hrs. Check IT again, You should be close to your target IT of 152.
    6. If (NEEDED) increase smoker to 172-174* for 1-2 hrs. DO NOT GO HIGHER OR YOU WILL RISK A FAT-OUT. CHECK IT OFTEN
    7. If you dont have time to do a complete smoke you can use hot water to finish to your IT. DO NOT EXCEED A WATER TEMP OF 165 AND MOVE THE CHUBS/STICKS AROUND IN THE WATER. Cold water bath after your IT is up to you.
  5. Great advice from nepas

  6. ol smoky

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    So if I’m understanding correctly you only worry about the IT of the chub at the top? So if the top is 152 and the middle is only 145 you will still pull it out and consider it done? Thanks
  7. nepas

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    I use my thermapen from the top down, The tip is the only part that measues so it can go further down inside the chub, of course the chub will be at a hight IT towards the heat source. If you pull at 145 (IT of chub) and hot water it to an IT of 150, just dunk it really quick in the cold water to harden any meat surface oils then hang it (to cool) the chub will IT to 152 or even 153
  8. Im gonna follow nepas advice next go round. Had to be from touching the edge in sous vide. The jalapenos are different than ever had before. Maybe to big? They have a bit of a crunch to them. They almost taste pickled but were fresh. Could the eca be whats giving the peppers a pickled taste ?

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