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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by bobdog46, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. Hey - I need a little help    I made some summer sausage last month that came out wonderful.  I will be making more this weekend with a couple of changes, I will be adding jalapeno and cheese to this batch. My question is about the cheese. Is it necessary to use high temp cheese ? Can I use regular sharp chedder ?  Any comments would be helpful.

    Thanks in advance,

                                  Bobby D 
  2. nepas

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    Yes you can use regular cheese. Just chop into small cubes.
  3. I wll be making a batch w/ 15 lbs of meat - what would be the recommeded amount of cheese to use ?
  4. danmcg

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    I use some cheap cheddar last week in some jap and cheese summer sausage. It was good but the cheese ended up soft or creamy even the next day....week. I think maybe next time I'll try a better less fat cheese.

    I also kept the temps under 170° so as not to get the cheese runny while in the smoker but.

    anybody got an opinion on the type of cheese or smoker temps?
  5. danmcg

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    Bobdog... Most people go with 10% cheese. It works for me
  6. uncle_lar

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    I use about 15% cheese

    I use high temp shredded cheddar I buy it in 5# bags from avanti cheese co.
  7. westby

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    I just made a batch of 25 lbs with high temp pepperjack I got from a local processer and fresh jalapenos.  I used 10% cheese and 3 jalapenos (seeded and de-membraned).  I didn't get as much zip as I wanted and next time I will use a few more peppers and may keep some membranes in it.  I was a little dissapointed in that the cheese gets a bit soft after it sits out of the fridge for a little bit.  I thought it would hold up a little better.
  8. One more question ----  Do I put the cheese & jalapenos in the mix during the curing process or wait to mix it in just prior to stuffing ??
  9. smokinscott

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    I'd put it in for the curing process.  A friend of mine uses a 12 oz. bottle of jalapenos in a 25 lb mix.  He cuts them up fine, then puts them with the water and mixes it.  He also uses the hi-temp cheese, 10%, he's never had any luck using regular cheese.  I just make "straight" summer sausage so I'm just going by what he says.  By the way, his tastes great!  But then again, ahem, so does mine! 
  10. smokeamotive

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    You can put the japs in during the curing process but, I'd wait to add the cheese till just before stuffing. It helps keep the cheese from getting soggy.
  11. uncle_lar

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    I use about a dozen fresh jalapenos in s 25# batch

    seeded and membrane removed. I dont get real careful about removing all the membrane

    I get a really nice jalapeno taste  a just a little bite.
  12. I used  1 1/2 lbs of regular medium cheddar cheese and a 12 oz cup of chopped jalapenos in 15 lbs of meat using High Mtn summer sausage seasoning & cure.  It came out great. Next time maybe a little more jalapenos. 
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