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  1. So here i am less than a week away before i need to start smoking 6 beef briskets.[​IMG]   Plan on doing 3 at a time, Starting Thursday of next week (8/18), and slicing them thin for sandwiches. Any suggestions other than using a good rub, a good thermometer, and of course a good smoker. I will be using a char grill brand smoker with sb. Mesquite for flavor....

    Any help or suggestions to get these all to turn out tender and delicious would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You.

  2. ellymae

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    Some questions....

    how big are they?

    Packers or flats?

    when are you serving?

    When do you plan on slicing?
  3. alblancher

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    You'll be fine just remember that if you want to slice them you may want to take them off the smoker in the 180 - 190 range.  If you slice them very thin you can take off the smoker at a lower temp.  You'll get a lot of opinions and a lot of help from the forum.

    Take a deep breath, and have fun.  Just ask if you have any questions while tending the smoker.
  4. elleymae,

    they all range in the 10-12lb category, i believe they are all packers, bought them at walmart, an entire case. I plan on serving on saturday, but slicing either friday night or first thing saturday morning. Figure I will need both thursday and friday to smoke them. Was thinking that maybe after slicing putting it all in a warmer with some au jus? But dont want to lose the smoke flavor.


    thanks for the info, just need to make sure i dont screw these up. Wondering if there is anything special i will need to do since i am smoking 3 at a time?
  5. just my two cents.but I would keep them hole then reheat and slice
  6. chef jimmyj

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    Try this as an Au Jus or in the pans for the re-heat.  It does not diminish the Smoke Flavor and Kicks Butt with Mesquite!

    Texas SR/Brisket Dip

    1C Chopped Onion

    1/2C Chopped Carrot

    1/2C Chopped Celery

    1T Minced Garlic

    2T Olive Oil

    Saute over medium heat until Golden...Add:

    1-2 Bay Leaves

    1T Paprika

    1T Grnd Black Pepper

    1T Dark Chili Powder


    1tsp Grnd Cumin

    1tsp Mex Oregano

    1tsp Red Pepper Flake, or more

    This option gives a bolder South West Flavor

    Saute for 1 minute to awaken the flavors...Add:

    6C Beef Broth

    24Oz Dark Beer

    1/2C Ketchup

    1/4C Brown Sugar

    1/4C Worcestershire Sauce

    Salt to taste

    Simmer 30-60 Minutes and Puree (what i did) or strain for an Au Jus type Dip.  

    Makes 10-11 Cups.

    Hope you like it and good luck...JJ
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  7. smokinal

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    That recipe looks great JJ.

    I printed it out and will give it a try the next brisket I do.

  8. oldschoolbbq

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    [​IMG][​IMG]  , I'm here[​IMG]
  9. meateater

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    Sounds like a plan, If you haven't used mesquite before be careful it's quite strong and can overpower any meat. 
  10. scarbelly

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    I agree with Chef - but I also put my au jus in the smoker while smoking the meat. It helps to retain the smoked flavor

    Good luck
  11. Thanks for all the info from everyone. Like the idea of putting the au jus in the smoker to retain the flavor. I know mesquite is a strong flavor but so far it seems to have done just well with everything else I have smoked and is always a hit with the family. Guess my biggest question is that with smoking 3 at a time, how often will i need to rotate and flip them to get them all to cook well. Or will i not i need too? Have a digital thermometer that i will use to monitor the temp at the cooking level somewhere between the middle to far end of the smoker away from the sb end.

    As far as windshield kings comment of keeping them whole and reheating them, how should i do that if i choose to, and wont it dry out the meat?
  12. raptor700

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    I wouldn't slice them until your ready to serve.

    Brisket starts drying out as soon as you slice it.

    Good luck and remember the Qview [​IMG]

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