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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rod g15, Feb 27, 2015.

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    I butchered a hog last fall and made half of the belly into bacon. The other half I was thinking of thawing it, slicing it into strips for side pork, and repackaging it for the freezer. Do some of you guys do this? Do you season it when you slice it? Or do you season it when you fry it up? Or dont season it at all? Any suggestions?

    Thanks Rod
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    Have you tried roasted belly? Deep score the skin side in a diamond pattern, season well the skin side, roast it meat side down (in an oven tray) with vegetables. As hot as possible until the skin browns then lower the temp.

    It's a great winter meal. We had a few mornings below 0F this week so I have two pieces of belly thawing for roasting this weekend.

    P.S. what are you planning to do with the sliced uncured belly? I had one in an order I placed a while ago (I asked for fresh belly - they sliced it). I tried frying, roasting it, didn't like it. Kids hated it - everyone expects bacon taste when you see that slice. Ended up making rillette with it. I know...what a waste....this was heritage pork.
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  3. Bacon, you just can't have too much Bacon   (at least at our house)


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