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  1. I was really wanting to to get a rib rack for my WSM but I dont want to do the 2-2-1 from reviews and issues when trying to do it.  I was curious how people's results are that do a full solid smoke on ribs without using 2-2-1.  I think I am going to sauce them within the last 30 mins or foil them with sauce since it will take me about 45 mins to get the graduation event. Any suggestions on temp and an actual good rib rack??  I am find very broad reviews and nothing solid on a particular one.  
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    These seems like nice big Rib Racks for a WSM...   or    ...JJ
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    Personally, I'd go for the Raichlen rack, because of the lower wire support that crosses below the main support wires.  With that you could support shorter sections of ribs.  I have the other rack (for large roasts) and while it would hold the longer ribs, it wouldn't be as supportive of shorter sections.

    Nice recommendation, just in time for the BBQ season.
  5. will this one fit the bottom rack??

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    I use a MES smoker.

    I maintain my heat at 225 degrees.

    I use Jeff's rub.

    I never foil. I don't like the softness of foiled meat.I just let the BB smoke for 5 hours and they come out perfect. Or at least what I and my guest considers perfect.

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