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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by soafung, Apr 10, 2010.

  1. soafung

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    my father has gotten very jealous of the fact that i can finally out do him on something...Que, duh (but that's about it). He started asking me a whole bunch of questions about my rig (see my sig below) and then, he asked about propane rigs. i have not the slightest clue about them other than the are "Lazy Q" rigs (jokes).

    anyways here are the rigs i've been looking at getting him for his birthday in a couple weeks. the old man doesn't wanna have to mess with a real fire, so the propane looks the way to go on the cheap. hate to spend more money than these units if he turns out not to like the hobby (GASP!).

    option #1

    option #2

    option #3

    option #4
    (these are $124.00 @ the one closes to me. don't know why it shows it unavalible. i looked at it yesterday)

    any help/info/suggestions would and will be of benefit and appreciated. i gotta get this figured out before 4-24-10. my brothers already gave me their part for the gift.
  2. rdknb

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    I have option 2 and I am very happy with it, LOL it was a gift from my sons
  3. soafung

    soafung StickBurners

  4. mballi3011

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    If I had to chose one of those I would go with the GOSM from wally world. I have one of them and I have been waring it out for almost 3 years now. Well now it is in semi-retirement and duties are only sausage and maybe some bacons. But i have moved up the the smoke vault 24". It's a super model alittle more money but you can smoke a whole slab of spares on a grates flat.
  5. pineywoods

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    I think he would be very happy with option #3 many of us have GOSM's and are happy with them
  6. smokin' dick

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    Bass Pro has a Landmann, it's a little more $ at 199, but is a nice wide model which will take a whole uncut rack of ribs. Nice gift you're giving, which ever one you choose.

    " Give a man a rib and you feed him for a day, teach him how to make his own ribs and you make him fat"
  7. northern greenhorn

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    I just bought the 2 drawer model from Bass Pro, and I love it's easy for a newbie like me to use, and w/ the 2 drawer, I don't lose any heat having to open the door to add wood, I paid like $165
  8. mudduck

    mudduck Smoking Fanatic

    i have option 3 the gosm and i love it
  9. I looked at both 1 (Lowes Master Forge) and 2 (Home Depot Brinkmann), respectively. Looked very similar except that the Master Forge has air vents on the sides, and I didn't see any on the Brinkmann. That tipped the scales for the Master Forge. Been very happy with it, and the vents have been useful in regulating the temp and the smoke.
  10. soafung

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    update. after my looking at the stores and reviews online, i remembered that my dad is all about HIS choice. he took back a bad ass digital camera i got him for christmas one year because it wasn't the brand name he likes. he looked at cameras on consumer reports and even though the camera i got him was higher rated, it was a samsung, not a sony.

    anyways, i broke down and ruined the suprise and told him the kids were gonna buy him a smoker. he asked me what ones i had looked at and i emailed the options over. later that night he sent me an email and next to option #1 (Master Forge) it said WIN!. option #2, option #3, option #4, & option #5 it said FAIL!

    i just finished putting it together for him and will deliver this weekend. he will have one week to learn the workings of his new toy, before his bday. i WILL challenge him to a yard bird, pork loin, or brisket throw down. i will make him proud by humiliating him.
  11. rdknb

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    LOL watch out, my oldest had his smoker a year before me, and then got me one. On Valentines day his wife and him came over and I did pulled pork, chicken and country ribs, his wife was oh my god your smokes never taste this good lol. I hope you Dad enjoys it as much as I have. Although I am always happy with gift no matter what the brand

  12. bassman

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    That's a fine gift you're giving him. He will enjoy it for years.[​IMG]

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