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Discussion in 'Beef' started by kansas smoker, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. kansas smoker

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    Ok, I am preparing to pull an all nighter Thursday night and smoke my first briskets. I have 2 nice 7lb briskets that will be rubbed tomorrow evening with my favorite meat rub and then wrapped tightly in cling wrap and allowed to sit for 24 hours.
    Thursday night I plan on starting a good fire with lump charcoal and a single hickory log split for smoke. I will bury the log spilt under two Weber chimney scoops of lump charcoal and add a lit weber chimney full to the top in my fire basket. (Off Set Smoker). My thinking is that the smoker will come to temp before the hickory log starts to burn/smoke. I am putting in the liquid tray two bottles of beer and 16 ounces of apple juice under the meat to help keep it moist. The Briskets will go on once the smoker is at 225. I plan on smoking with the Hickory with that one log split at the beginning.

    After two to three hours I will just keep an even fire spritzing the meat every 30 minutes with apple juice and flipping it over. I am planning on about a 10 hour cook and letting the meat rest at least a half hour before cutting. I am not going to sauce the meat at all during the cook. I figure that sauce on the side will be better.

    Does this sound right, and suggestions, changes anyone would make. I am used to making oven brisket as my gas range will get down to 225, but this is my first attempt at smoking. Any suggestions will gladly be appreciated.
  2. sumosmoke

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    Sounds like you have a good plan on your first brisket smokes. The only question I have is - do you have thermometers for the briskets? Just making sure you're not going strictly by time as each piece of meat is different and the plateau is unpredictable on each cut of meat.

    Good luck, have a great smoke and hope ya get some pics!
  3. kansas smoker

    kansas smoker Newbie

    Yep, three in the smoker, one on top (pretty useless) and two at grill level as well as a digital to insert in the meat. I have cooked for years so I am a big believer in digital probe thermometers. Now though I have to get one of them new fangled remote types. Mine works great in the kitchen, and I can her the alarm all over the house. Outside though, I can't hear it a bit.[​IMG]
  4. kansas smoker

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    I was wondering about that. Some of the splits are pretty small and I planned on using a small one. The splits seem to be larger limb splits, not trunk splits. That is why I got them. My Silver Smoker really isn't, from what I have read, designed for full wood use.

    I forgot to mention I have 4 thermometers now and figure to pull the meat at about 195 degrees. While it rests it should keep cooking up to about 205 before it starts to loose its energy. At least that is what happens when I roast in the oven. I don't know why it would be any different.
  5. packplantpath

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    Personally, mopping every 30 minutes is excessive, and results in things taking longer due to heat loss. I shoot for once every 1.5 hrs, but your call on that one.
  6. litto747

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    Sounds like it should turn out really well. I have only done two briskets myself. The second one i splashed the meat with a lot of the spritz i used and wrapped tight in foil. Then let it set for 30-45 minutes, i thought it made the brisket much more tender and juicy.
  7. kansas smoker

    kansas smoker Newbie

    Thanks, I will make my spritzing times more like and hour to an hour and a half.
  8. kansas smoker

    kansas smoker Newbie

    Good Idea. Thanks. I want the smokey flavor but I was concerned about the cooking time with it open the full way.
  9. ronp

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    What T-H said. Or foil in the oven. OOPS is Joe around? Sorry Joe.[​IMG]
  10. bustedluckbarbq

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    Good advice on the wrapping... sounds like a good plan with the thermo's added into it!! Have fun....

    PS- I didnt see the entertainment part of the plan... drinks and music???

    lol have fun with the smoke!
  11. capt dan

    capt dan Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Looks like you goy some real good advice from this group. I agree with all of it! You mentioned spritzing anf flipping every thirty minutes. I would only flip it one or two times for the whole smoke.

    I start mine fat cap up, smoke it for about 4-5 hrs that way, then flip it. After about 3 hrs, I flip it back and put it in a foil pan, and finish it there. I personally don't cover mine until I take it off, but for an offset, you might want to.

    Hope it goes well, did up some music that ya haven't heard in awhile and get a comfy chair. You'll do just fine![​IMG]

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