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  1. I usually smoke 40lbs of Pork at a time when i use my smoker.  However i find with a knife and by-hand seem to take forever.  I have run across the bear claws but i would like something like a meat grinder to help me do the job.  Any suggestions you guys would recommend?  I do have a stand-up right Kitchen Aid Mixer and i have seen this:   but it doesnt really go into detail if it has a meat shredder tool.   

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    That is not a shredder. I have that whole kit.  

    I use some BBQ gloves for most of mine but have used two large salad forks with great success. Lots of folks here use Bear Claws. I beleive there may be a review in the Wiki section.
  3. That KA set is basically a big "Salad Shooter".

    I, too , use gloves. Either heavy "plumbers" gloves or cotton knit gloves covered by latex or nytril gloves. Granted, you sometimes have to move quick from the heat, but this way I pull/shred and clean at one time.

    For a mechanical "shredder" you'd need to look at something with knives like a Buffalo Chopper from Hobart.
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  5. So would you hold the pork butt like that dude was holding the chicken and fling pork everywhere. That would be a sight. [​IMG]
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    Get yourself a pair of insulated rubber gloves they work awesome. I got mine in my Ronco rotisserie set.
  7. I got the same gloves Ross. They work great. Of course I never tried to pluck a chicken though.
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    If you are dead set against using your hands try tossing a few chunks into the bowl of your Kitchenaid with the regular mixing paddle attached and run it on low for a few seconds. Usually the pork is soft enough that the paddle should break it up without mushing it. But I don't think you could toss the entire butt in at one time.
  10. What if you replace the rubber fingers on the plucker with the meat rakes? [​IMG]
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    I'm kinda picky about my PP. 

    Even when I smoke 4 to 6 Butts for the neighborhood Christmas party. I like to pull them by hand.

    I like big chunks & want to make sure I get all the internal fat out and distribute the bark throughout.

    I just use 2 pairs of vinyl disposable gloves, there is enough thickness to keep your hands from getting too hot & they are very flexible.
  12. i think i will be doing this next weekend after i have smoked 8 butts!!!  good workout coming, lol
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       Try locating a Restaurant Suply or a re-sale store and get a Buffalo. This is a tool made for doing the exact thing you are thinking of;$3K or so[​IMG]

    Hand work is cheaper[​IMG]  and the wife might agree too[​IMG].LOL
  14. i ordered a set of bear claws with my WSM
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