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  1. does any one know of a source for sugar free rub recipes? I have a few diabetics in my family that cant have brown sugar[​IMG]
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    Welcome to the SMF Family...In general most of us will sub Stevia in the Raw in Rub and Sauce recipes but some folks don't like the taste. You can always leave it out in rubs and try a low calorie sweetner, that is heat stable Equal is not, in sauces...Pops6927 is one of the resident expert on the subject, sent him a PM and he will help. Here is some reading to get you started...JJ
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  3. I'm diabetic myself, so I can speak some what informed on this subject.  When a receipt calls for brown sugar I use splenda brown sugar.  If it calls for regular sugar I use splenda (You can use what ever type you like). If a receipt calls for honey I use an imitation honey.

    I also take splenda brown sugar and add some bourbon soaked vanilla beans in it to make a bourbon/vanilla brown sugar.  It's awesome.

    Jim K.
  4. oh man that sounds good, If I can keep the bourbon out of the coke I'll be golden. Thanks for the help   

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