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  1. Does anyone have an recommendation on how to smoke suckers? We always get a good run of suckers every year so I would like to try and smoke some. Just looking for some ideas.
  2. rbranstner

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    My old man use to smoke them all the time. He did a mixture of water, salt, brown sugar and any other spices you like such as garlic powder, onion powder etc. Brine them over night then then throw them into the smoker. He usually added enough salt to the water to float a raw egg then went from there with the other spices. I use that method on my chicken legs and love them. Good luck.
  3. Thanks for the reply! When smoking any type of fish what do you look for to know its done?
  4. rbranstner

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    Well with salmon I smoke mine until I reach an internal temp of 140 or so but on the suckers depending on the size you may have trouble putting a probe in them but maybe not. I usually smoke my salmon at around 150-175 until the internal temp is 140 which is usually around 3-4 hours depending on the thickness of the fillets.
  5. What do you use to check your meats internal temp?
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    Ok from a Fla beach bum here. What the heck is a "Sucker"????
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    These are about half the suckers I did last spring. I used the recipie that rbranstner mentioned above. They turned out well, but lots of bones to pick through.

  8. rbranstner

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    I use a digital wireless meat probe.
  9. rbranstner

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    Yea that is the only thing I didn't like about eating the suckers you did. TOO MANY BONES.
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    LOL, That's why we never ate suckers----TOO MANY BONES !
    That, plus the only time they aren't too muddy tasting was during trout season, and we always had plenty of trout to eat.
    Actually I used to shoot suckers with my bow & arrows. Then I would recover the roe, and give the suckers to my Grandfather. He would roto-till the suckers into his garden. Sucker roe is the only roe I ever ate that was better than Shad roe.

  11. Couple more questions. Where can you get a digital wireless meat probe? Any websites I can visit?

    Anyone have a way to clean suckers to get more of the bones out?
  12. roller

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  13. rbranstner

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    Lots of web sites you can look at but just about every hardware store around here that sells grills has thermometers in their accessories isle.
  14. erain

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    recommend the mavrick ET-73, 2 probes both of which you can set for alarm to go off when temp is reached, but is the only one in a reasonable price range that you can program one probe for a lo temp as well. allows you to monitor smoker box temps and alerts you when you need to ck firebox when temps get to high or when your coals loosing heat or if using gas and tank goes mt. many places to look on the net... i bought mine on ebay for 35 bux i think.

    and here are others... i had a taylor which lasted many years before finally quitting, was only a single probe though... have also heard polders are good too. dont think they offer the same features as the ET-73 though.

    if you leave the skin on, and fillet the slabs from the sides, i usually remove rib bones as well, my bro in law goes along the backbone but leaves the rib bones in, your choice. either way you will be left with the pin bones. there is an upper row identical to northern pike, they also have a lower row, bottom side of spine area running from back of ribs to the tail. they are easy to find and pull from fish when is cooked if you are feeding to a child. another option is pickling them, the bones dissolve in the brine. either way really a good fish that shouldnt be overlooked, especially for smoking. i think its worth your time to at least give them a shot.
  15. Thanks for the help everyone!
  16. bearcarver

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    If all else fails, grind them up & make fish cakes. I used to do that with pickerel. If you get a good recipe, they can be great.

  17. erain

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    my mother used to do that when we were kids![​IMG]
  18. bcfishman

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    I see the picture of the bait laying on the ground, but wheres the fish youre supposed to eat.

    All I can think of for suckers, is those little things at the pet store in the freshwater aquariums that suck on the glass...
  19. roller

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    take the rib bones out and cook them in a pressure cooker then u can make them up like tuna sammies.
  20. xjcamaro

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    I cant see the fish in great detail, but the only fish ive even called a sucker was a slightly orange brownish fish that looked like a small skinny carp, in all the creeks with the trout, they look disgusting, and we usually toss them up in the woods when we catch them so we dont catch them again. Is that what you got there. I dont think you could smoke them suckers i know long enough to make me want to eat them.

    But to each his own.

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