Substitute for potato flour?

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  1. One of the recipes I'm doing calls for potato flour, is there an alternative for this ?
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    Hope I'm not too late for the party...

    If your question is related to not having potato flour and needing it, then you could use potato flakes (instant mashed potatoes). Measure could be slightly different, as flakes and powders are not the same density by volume. If possible, measure by weight for the substitute. 1 cup of potato flour weighs 160 grams or 5.6438 oz (0.3527 lb).

    If it relates to having an allergy to potatoes, then you will need to experiment with other conventional flour. Keep in mind that potato flour absorbs much more water than wheat flour, so you may need to reduce the liquid in the mixture if potato flour is omitted/reduced.

    Also, potato flour is said to have properties which create a lighter, fluffier baked good, so while you can substitute for potato flour/starch you may notice a difference in the finished product. Potato flour can also cause a gummy finished baked good if too much potato flour is used during recipe alteration/modification.

    Just a thought, but you may be able to use rice flour as a substitute as well, depending on your circumstances and the type of recipe. Looking through some conversion tools it appears that rice flour has the same density as potato flour, so 160 grams per cup.

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  3. Thank you so much, I was able to find the potato flour but I might experiment with the flakes. Thanks again!

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