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  1. Hey guys and gals, My name is Stuart and this is my first ever build but i like most i am going to do my best to make it as adaptable and neat as possible so if anyone has any ideas or input they wish to throw on the table as i design and create this beast it would be much appreciated and taken into consideration.

    I am currently awaiting the delivery of an electric smoke generator which takes "bisquettes" ( im sure ppl know which) and i am also currently looking into the heat source. I have found a few heating elements on popular auction sites at resonable prices but choosing the type and safely mounting methods plus also connecting it to a control outside the unit are my current hurdles in that area. I will be mostly cold smoking cheese, hams, ribs and bacon but would like the option to hot smoke a heap of trout or wotever really takes my fancy at the time. Well thanks for reading folks and hope to hear alot of feedback as im new to this and it will help keep me on track.... TO THE SHED....

    The inside dimensions of the freezer are height 177cm, width 106cm, and depth 52cm

  2. It will be a nice build[​IMG]

    Happy smoken.

  3. Thanks David

    I did hear back from the manufacturer of the smoke generator and they say it should be ideal for that size of freezer. 
  4. It's gonna be nice!
  5. Cool!

    On the heat I would go electric

    Happy smoken.

  6. Yea electric was my thought aswell i'm just looking at the different types online but was also thinkin of ripping apart an old oven to see how they tick. I'd probably need a decent sized element to heat that area and keep it steady.
  7. Definitely something i think i should speak to a knowledged person about though. Ideally if i could get it to turn on and off like an oven in order to regulate the heat i'd be laughin.. [​IMG]
  8. I'm not sure how many watts an oven element is. Get the controls at the same time.Here in the states you could probably get an oven for nothing or close to nothing.

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  9. Yes i was hoping to find a cheap or free one around to atleast pull apart and tinker with. But as mr murphy has it i've been flat out with work over the last week since i started my build and haven't really had the chance to get in there nor actually see wots available and prices in my local area, im sure it'll come together in the end nicely. i think im just bein a bit of a perfectionist in my mind atm. but ya gotta start somewhere i spose. Will have more pics and updates on the weekend and more understanding of what i can and can't do.
  10. I bought my 220 element on Amazon. It was around $30.00. I went with one that fit dimensionally and still had enough wattage to keep my unit running efficiently.  I used a contactor and my Sausage Maker control pid. It works great.

    If you are still in the dark about hook up, I suggest stopping in your local appliance store that still does work on ovens. They should be able to help you. However don't forget to tell them you need to get lower temps than a regular oven, hence the contactor and control pid. My unit will operate from 50 degrees to 500 degrees if I want it to.

    Good luck with your build.
  11. Thank you archernut i did speak with an electrician whom did enlighten me abit. But didn't mention the contactor nor control pid. I'm hoping to speak with him again and possibly even get a quote for him to sort that area for me as i'd rather get it right the first time. Especially if i plan to put pricey cuts in there. Thanks again for your input mate, much appreciated.
  12. My electrician was the same way. I had to enlighten him about the lower temps. He suggested the contactor. However it took two weeks to get it in, as I needed a 110v and most contactors are 12v.

    This is my control box I use from Sausage Maker.

    The hook up is real simple. The contactor has two sides (in and out) split the 220 hot wires and connect to each side of the contactor. One side to the plug in and the otherside to the element. Ground the 220 to the unit with the ground wire. The control box (pid unit) operates the controller. It has a simple 110 hook up for it.

    Hope I made that simple. lol

    Also ensure enough airflow comes into the unit to keep the smoke generating. Some install some sort of valve on the side near the bottom so they can increase or decrease amount of air in.

    Good luck down there. Post pics as you go.
  13. I have received my Bisquette Smoke Generator, and i'm as happy as pig in .... a big mud puddle.!! I'm still yet to discover how the temp etc down here is for cold smoking as the freezer will be in my shed also. I have thought into the air circulation and i was thinking a few butterfly vents and maybe even a metal extractor vent on top with a butterfly vent inside to regulate the exhaust pull. The thermostat and control i have ranges from 50-300 degrees Celsius and being a very insulated freezer i was hoping the heat from the smoke generator would be enough for any lower temps needed as long as i were to regulate the air entering. But that is another reason why i'm here as this the place with a wealth of knowledge and i'm sure someone out there has had a similar hurdle. 
  14. netbbq

    netbbq Smoke Blower

    I am thinking of a similar build for a freezer. What insulation does it have and do you plan to remove? There may be an issue if it is foam in place polyurethane. My understanding is that poly can't handle those temps.
  15. Hey NETBBQ yes mine has foam in it but i am planning to rip it out and replace it with rock wool. I have just found this bump in the road and actually found alot of help in the "stainless build from aussie" thread posted above. Good luck with your build mate as mine has now taken on a whole new direction...

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