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    Located in Columbus, OH.  $1900  Rain cap included.  Cover included, but it has some 8-10" rips by the tie-down openings.  I can either repair or provide the materials I bought to repair it.  There is some minimal rusting by the stack cover.

    At least one of the pneumatic wheels has gone flat and I've switched back to the stock casters.  The pneumatics will be included.

    I love this smoker, I just don't have a need for the cooking volume and have really found myself liking the WSM.

    Height with stack and casters 57-1/4“ inches; 
    Depth with thermometer 30” inches;
    Width with ball valve 44-1/2“ inches;

    Internal Cooking Space: 

    Height from the bottom shelf 20-1/4” inches; 
    Depth 23” inches;
    Width 21-1/2” inches;

    Standard Options:

    5 racks - 21 1/4”W. x 22 1/2”D. – 3” apart; 
    4” deep full size stainless grease pan; 
    Holds approximately 15 lbs of briquettes; 
    Standard Color: Black; 

    Overall Weight: 475 Pounds

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  2. muidaq

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    Price reduced from $1900 to 1800.
  3. muidaq

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    Price reduced again to $1700.
  4. draub29

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    Do you still have stump smoker for sale
  5. draub29

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    Very interested
  6. draub29

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    Call or text me (765)418-2279 David Raub
    Ready to buy

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