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  1. To all you loyal smokers out there, I am by no means a tagged or whatever the call people now days when there trying to advertise, but to my enjoyment I stumbled upon some magic stuff. It's called Big Wayne's smoked sea salt. I'm telling you I put the hickory smoked kind on my brisket over night and then smoked it the next day, never have I had brisket turn out as good as this one, I'm sold. I found this stuf just searching around the web, I'm sure you can get it through the google or something, good stuff
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  2. kgb1

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    I love the hickory smoked sea salt from Maine Sea Salt. I haven't used it for smoking but loved it for grilling steaks and such.

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  3. I'm going to give that one a try too. I'm was in shock, never used sea salt, but man evidentially the difference is outstanding
  4. Took a pic of the brisket, used that big waynes sea salt and sum pepper, wife went
  5. Here I found it
  6. Brisket looks good! I buy sea salt and smoke it myself. 
  7. oldschoolbbq

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    Smokingforyears , you can do your own Smoked Sea Salt... check the Search at the top of the page. Fun and cheaper...
  8. Out of the ones that i have tried the Big Wayne's BBQ smoked sea salts are my favorite as well. The hickory is my current favorite: but all taste amazing.
  9. eman

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    I usually smoke a pan of sea salt and a pan of kosher salt when i smoke cheese.
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    I like to grind up Serrano or jalapeño and mix that in with my salt and then smoke it. Gives the salt a whole other level of flavor!

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