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  1. Okay I know some of you fellows on here can help me.  Here is my problem:  I can cook a very good boudin, as far as taste goes, but when I stuff it, it get all mushy.  You can't tell what is in there other than the rice.  What is the secret to stuffing boudin into casings and not getting it mushy?   What I make makes great boudin balls for frying, but the boudin has to be the ugliest thing you ever saw.  Good boudin is NOT mushy.  Am I boiling my meat too long?  Is it too wet? I have tried different grinders and stuffers but it always comes out MUSHY!  Any help will be appreciated and thanks in advanced!
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    Not sure but my father in law loves that stuff. I'm here in Hammond,LA at a BBQ class's. I am not a maker bit I probably still has too much moisture in it. I am curious to response. I want to make other sausage. May run into the same thing.
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    Maybe Foamheart or Cranky Buzzard here, will see your thread and give some pointers.  They both have posted some delicious Boudin.     Maybe one or both of them give instructions in your thread, if not PM them as both have been very helpful to many here.   
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  4. Thanks to all for replying.  I will try to P M them if I can figure out how!
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    I've only made it once, but the only way I could use it was to kind of squeeze it out of the casing. Is that mushy? I just thought that was how it's supposed to be, but then I'm not from Louisiana!
    I'm looking forward to any response you get...
  6. Hi Smokey. What I mean by mushy is that the meat is really stringy and mushy.  Squeesing it out is normal.  But the rice and meat should be separated and one should be able to identify them both.  Mine is just a glob of stuff and really gummy.  Not right.
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  8. Chances are you are over boiling the meat. It could also be that you are using too small of a grinding plate.
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    That's a very good possibility, but another issue could be the temperature of the meat/rice mixture when stuffing.  Even though everything is cooked (except the casing), it stuff a LOT better and cleaner when the mix is chilled.  

    When cooking the meat, I also place the bone into the pot and when the meat pulled from the bone, I take the chunks out.  The meat isn't ready to totally shred, but it's close.  That way I can get a chopped/shred texture on the meat.  Then I mix everything together, chill it for a while, and then stuff.

    How are you stuffing?  That too can cause problems if you're using the stuffing attachment on a grinder.  With a piston style stuffer, it just pushes the mix into the casing, with the grinder's stuffing attachment, it's being worked again.

    We can't have a Louisiana feller not be able to make boudin he's proud of!  We'll get it figured out.
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  10. Absolutely correct on this point. The first time I made boudin I tried to use the stuffing attachment on the grinder. It pretty much turn it I to paste. It was probably something I did wrong but it was a great excuse to order a 5# vertical stuffer the next day.

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