Stuffed pork loins and chops

Discussion in 'Pork' started by frosty91, Aug 1, 2016.

  1. frosty91

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    This past weekend I made some stuffed loins and chops. First time stuffing them but a total success! For the chops I just sliced them off one of the loins. For both of them I just butterflied them down the middle, and for filling I used, herbs and chives cream cheese, cheddar cheese, chopped onions and jalapeños. Smoked with hickory at around 235-250. Loins took about 3 hours and sauced them the last 30 mins and finished them off on the grill to char them a little bit. I also rubbed both with jeffs rub. It's my go to for pork, chicken, anything really besides beef. But I think they turned out great! And everyone else did too.

    Also had 2 shoulders on for my catering business on the side. 8lbs of finished pulled pork for a customer next weekend. Took a total of 14 hours.

  2. hardcookin

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    Nice smoke everything looks great!
    Sounds like you had a busy day. How is the heat treating you out there.
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  3. frosty91

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    Thanks! And hot and humid! Always humid, the perks of Illinois.. But I work outside so you get used to it.
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    Those looks really good.  I love stuffed chops and/or loin.

  5. smokinal

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    Nice job!

    Looks delicious!


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