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  1. Quick question on stuffed pork chops. I found the brine and rub I like, and I have a good recipe for stuffing at thanksgiving time so I figured why not try putting the two together. My question is, do I cook the stuffing before I put it in the chops? Smoking the chops usually takes around 1.5 hours at 225. The stuffing calls to bake for 2 hours at 400. I don't want it to be uncooked and I also don't want it to be dried out.
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    I would cook the stuffing most of the way and go from there.
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    For sure cook the stuffing a little first! :)
  4. I agree with cooking the stuffing first. 

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    Actually, not thinking this through in my first reply.

    The stuffing needs to be cooked to internal temp as it will be inside raw pork, so what you need to do here is stuff the chops and cook til the center of the stuffing is 145 (safe serving temp for pork).  Once that raw juice touches the stuffing, the stuffing will become a sponge for the juices.  Pre cooked or not, that stuffing needs to hit 145 after its in the pork.
  6. Thanks guys! I'll be sure to cook it first. I'll let every one know how they turn out and post some pics if I remember
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