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  1. I've read about finned strip heaters needing a fan or something that creates a draft around it so they don't burn up. If this is true, could I drill a 2" intake behind it with a ball valve to help with that or would it be too close or the heat causing the ball valve to stop functioning properly. (Teflon gasket). Also have a smoke daddy. Thanks for the input.

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    Using a fun Ed stop. Heater in my current build. Will upload a pic of the set up so far. It's going to work awesome. For air flow and a clean out in the bottom. Under the heater.
  3. Cut the hole already. However I do still have the cut outs. Sounds like a good multifunctional idea. Might have to see if I can do something like that on my fridge. Its a lot like smokednarwhals fridge. Appreciate the feedback Mr. Mike.
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