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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by mr500, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. mr500

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    OK for you all out there that have installed the rope gasket, have you found it better to install it  on the lid itself , OR the lower cooking chamber??????

    . I guess I can see pros/cons of either way. Just still weighing my options.

    I plan on doing this today!! My last modd

  2. duck killer 1

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    i've never done this yet but i'll bump your thread so we can get a response.
  3. If you are modding the ECB - I put my rope on the lid.
  4. mr500

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    Sorry 4 got to mention, this is the chargriller w/ sfb and not the upright brinkman.
  5. mr500

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  6. toxie

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    This is how I did mine on my Chargriller Pro with SFB... I used high temp silicone to adhere the rope to the metal.

    For the sides I created a L channel for the rope to fit it. I took two pieces of L channel, put them reversed of each other, drilled and riveted them together and bolted it onto the sides of the smoker. This resulted in a perfect channel for the rope to fit in.


    View from the top of the side...


    View from top side looking down, lid closed. Because the L channel is higher than the rope, it will hide the rope when looking at it from the side dead on.


    For the front, I put the rope on the upper lid as there was a nice area for it to fit there already...


    And the back, I put it on the back of the lid, when you close the lid it will complete the seal. I put it on the lid because the rope should stay cleaner than if I put in on the back on the lower smoking chamber (less carbon buildup).


    I hope this helps.
  7. mr500

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    Great pics. My rope wont be here for a few days i had to order on ebay...i'll Take what I see and mod mine.
  8. herkysprings

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    I modded my SnP just like Toxie did, except I did not put rope on the lid, and it works well. I used high temp silicon to glue it on. The oven gasket sealer stuff was too brittle.

    I would avoid putting it on the lid itself, as then the rope would travel up and over the cooking area when you opened and close it. This might mean some fiberglass bits in your food. :D
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  9. What size rope and angle iron did you use Toxie? I think I'm going to do mine that way.
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