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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by ldrus, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. ldrus

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    i emailed butcher packer  over a week ago  about is it ok to freeze my left over hi temp cheese  not sure of the storage for it

     but they never replied to me ... how do you guys store your left over  hi temp? and what would be the  lenght of time to  keep it and still be good
  2. I vacuum packed my left over hi temp cheese that I bought from butcher packer and put it in the freezer.  It came out fine the next time I used it.  Some are concerned with the texture changing when you freeze it, but if it is going to be in sausage anyway, you wont notice it.  At least I didn't.
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    We have been using it for years - have always stored extra in the freezer when we have left overs.  Used it a yr later when making sausage again with no problems. 
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    I just throw it in the freezer as soon as it comes in from B&P

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    I buy my High temp cheese form a local cheese company and it comes vacuumed sealed in a 5# bag.I just freeze it that way.

    once I open it I just keep it in my meat fridge till I use it up which is usuallly no more than a month or two and it keeps just fine.

    I usually have plenty on hand for whatever I need.  cheddar and pepper jack.
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  7. I bought a 5lb bag from and I had put it in my fridge in the basement where it sat forgotten for about 8 months, when I looked at it it looked like the day I bought it, I called the comapny, and asked how long it was good for, and they told me as long as it didn't have any visible problems, like powdery or wet looking it should be fine, and it was.

    But I also froze some with no problems and I would recommend doing that.
  8. slownlow

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    wow you might want to go to Butcher and Packer next time.  It's cheaper and you can buy 1 lb bags:
  9. sam3

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    I do the same Lar. I buy mine from a small butcher shop in SE PA, usually 5 lbs of each at a time.

  10. Thanks but by the time I pay the $9.75 in shipping, con yeager is cheaper, plus I can buy it by it for $6.00 LB from my butcher, which is what I normally do so I don't have to store the 5lb'er plus it's a tad cheaper
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