Storage of precooked prime rib

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    I have a prime rib that was slow cooked in a plastic bag in hot water until it reached the 140 degree interior temperature (proper slow cooking method). It was then flash frozen in the sealed bag for 10 months. Normally I would put it back in the hot water (140 degree) until reheated to 140 before opening. . Instead, I would now prefer smoking it after unsealing and rubbing. The roast looks perfect - no freezer burn or sign of any deteriation. How long do you think I can keep it at 35-38 degrees in a spare refrigerator that is not opened and closed like the one in the kitchen? Can I safely smoke it that way? It will be maintained at 38degrees for about 20 days before unsealing. I sure hope I don't have to throw it away.
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    Thanks for the great advice. I think I will proceed as you all advise. As a newbie I need all the advice I can get. Thanks again!

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