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Discussion in 'Messages for All Guests and Members' started by kulok, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. kulok

    kulok Fire Starter

    ok i have gotten knee deep off in this smoking/grilling thing. my question is now that i have all these accesories, racks, gagets and dodads how and what should i store all this in ...totes i have a table full of stuff my pit area looks like a garage sale tent....HELP ideas would be welcome poor for cabinets yall...
  2. slim

    slim Meat Mopper

    i have a peg board in my garage.....
  3. mulepackin

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  4. slim

    slim Meat Mopper

    Very good gonna keep an eye out for one on sale...
  5. kulok

    kulok Fire Starter

    that upright looks like a good deal .it holds alot and hides it too.i wouldnt have a bunch of totes stacked up.
  6. acemakr

    acemakr Smoking Fanatic

    Same problem here - start small..... tub for spices, rubs, and generally stuff that doesn't need 'frigeration. That way you won't be surprised when you're out of something that you're sharing with your better/best half.

    Then, it's onto the garage - pretty much the same thing.........start small and work your way up to wood specific tubs, different brands of lump, etc.

    btw, welcome to the forum.
  7. meat hunter

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  8. forluvofsmoke

    forluvofsmoke Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    I do different sizes of covered bins myself...inexpensive and can always add more when needed. Electric slicer, smoker accessories, pans, spices & grinder, etc.

    Happy smokes!


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