Storage for potatoes, sweet potatoes, apples, winter squash and such.

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    I have been increasingly dissatisfied with the storage of root crops in the fruit cellar. It is just a little to dry and warm for storage. I end up storing stuff under the benches that I no longer use. Well I pitched it all and built a 22” X 22” X 8’ storage bin for roots and tubers in the GH. The side facing the camera is insulated with 1 ½’ of polystyrene and the two ends and backside are outside walls. The backside and right end are under ground.
    P8200001 by tsebmj, on Flickr

    Here you can see the insulated front side and a wooden slat floor for air circulation. The lids are hinged at the back and the middle so they fold under the shelves of the GH.
    P8200004 by tsebmj, on Flickr
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    looks great. nice job

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