Stopped by A-Maze-N Products today and learned some tips from Todd owner

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  1. Greetings from Smokie Minnesota!

    I just stopped by AMNP today to buy some product and met Todd the owner of AMNP. Really nice guy Todd is. He gave me a demo and fixed me up with a pellet smoker and a good mix of pellets. I bought his AMNP in cherry, bourbon barrel, apple, oak, hickory and their new Pitmasters blend of hickory, cherry and maple mixed.

    A couple of tips he shared with me that I would like to pass on:
    • #1 When you want to burn cherry and/or bourbon barrel pellets, fill the botton half with hickory, oak or apple etc., or some other flavor first, then top it off with the cherry or bourbon over the top. The reason for putting the bottom row of oak or hickory, apple etc., is because cherry and bourbon barrel pellets are hard to keep burning by themselves. The bottom layer of hickory or oak etc. acts as the burning coal bed and will keep the cherry and bourbon burning.
    • #2 Do not fill the units too full either or the fire could jump rows. Fill them just below the tops of the dividers.
    • #3 If you are burning a hotter fire smoke or using the AMNS units on your gas grill at higher temps than low smoker temps, you should use pellets rather than dust. Dust burns up too quickly at higher heat temps. Check his web site for the heat limits for dust. I bought all pellets.
    • #4 Apple is a fast burner. Not bad, just burns faster than the others.
    • #5Todd also told me that when you first light the pellets, let them burn for 10 minutes before you blow it out and put it in your smoker. Make sure you have a nice bed of coals going and it will stay burning. Do not rush this first step. He stressed this....let it burn 10 minutes before you put it on the smoker........[​IMG]..........and the smoke will come!
    Nice to be only 10 miles away from Todd's A-Maze-N Products LLC.....I brought home a nice load of pellets in my Tahoe....I felt like a fat kid with a whole chocolate cake......Probably a couple of years supply...........[​IMG]

    Here is Todd's web site for those of you who don't have it

    Smoke-it fellow brothers, Smoke it like it the last time!.............[​IMG]
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    Todd is a good guy tho I haven't got to meet him in person yet. He also has a great product
  3. scarbelly

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    Glad you got to meet Todd.  He is a great guy with a great family. 

    He gave you the 411 for sure on his smoker and how to use it.  

    Amazing how he goes out of his way to be so helpful isnt it 
  4. GREAT INFO!!! I just got my ANMPS in the mail over the weekend and can't wait to try it out. I've heard so many great reviews about it!!!!
  5. I have been without mine for about a month now as I am in the middle of transferring from Italy to Charleston.  A couple more days and I am going to finally be able to use it at my parents to hook them up with some smoked cheese.  Can't wait!!!

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