Stocking up for winter!

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    I don't run my smoker much in the winter so I decided to stock up for the winter. I went to Wegmans and Market in the Square (Buffalo area stores) and bought: a dozen chicken wings, 4 HUGE chicken breasts, 2 big turkey breasts, 4 full racks of baby back ribs, an 11-12 lb. brisket, and 2 seven pound pork shoulders.

    Hopefully this will be enough to get me through a few months of winter!

    I did just the wings a honey sriracha glaze. And they turned out amazing!

    Today I am doing all the ribs, chicken, and turkey....along with 3 little pork chops that were in the fridge that didn't get cooked for dinner last night. So far the pork is all done and poultry is close.

    Monday will be the pork shoulders and Tuesday the brisket.
  2. Busy, busy...

    Have fun!!!

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