Stirring the Pot-(Brisket)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by gmiller7018, Dec 1, 2015.

  1. Good Morning All-

      My wife and I get a half of beef every year and this year I told the butcher that I wanted the brisket, last year I hadn't been biten by the smoking bug yet??

      The problem is I didn't tell the butcher that I wanted the fat left on the brisket, I mean this baby is clean-nothing. I've never done a brisket and I really wanted to try one-- any thoughts on how to smoke this without any fat?
  2. Spritz it with some apple juice every so often and/or then wrap it with either some foil or butchers paper with some apple juice thrown in. Cant really tell ya what hours and time to do this as you didn't specify how big it is.
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    I usually trim Most of the fat off my Brisket but I also inject it with a Beer , Butter and BBQ sauce combo . Spritzing is a great idea and wrap with moisture , should turn out fine.

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