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Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by betaboy, Aug 9, 2016.

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    Did a little searching and didn't find much information. I'm running a UDS stick burner that is pretty, well lets just say it's not fancy. Makes great food though! I burn ash in it since it's (laying down) everywhere on my property. I'm just wondering what others do to control temp, or if ash is just a bad choice of wood since it burns so hot and fast. My system seems to work rather well but it is very far from relaxing. When I cook beef ribs I'm running around like a maniac checking temps, tweaking drafts, adding sticks, knocking down stuck sticks, in rare cases sometimes pulling the meat for a minute because of some flare up. When I first started with this rig it seemed any time I would get a good temp and good thin smoke I'd come back when the temps started falling and half of the wood was out and unburned.

    When I fire it up, I always have a bunch of sticks on top to heat up, but I must say no matter what I do the temps can fluctuate like crazy! My ash is aged about 8 months right now. My winter wood stove pile doubles as my smoker wood so the sticks are about 15" long, but when smoking I split them to be anywhere from a silver dollar to 4 fingers wide depending on what kind of heat I "think" I need.

    Anyway, I know a UDS probably isn't the best option for a stick burner but it's all I have right now. Just poking around for any info. Thanks in advance!

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    Just from Saturday I had two butts up top and 4 pork loins on the rotisserie same time....Had another 007 right next to it doing a ton of chicken breasts.

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    The breasts on another one.

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    Sorry for the late reply, stinkin' low back problems.

    Nice looking cooker and food product you have there FWI! It's been a super, super rainy and humid summer this year so I'm thinking maybe my wood isn't as dry as it should be for being aged 7-8 months. Hence the flare ups and/or making homemade lump charcoal. My wood is covered in an open ended shed, but I don't know what else to think. Looks like I'll be reading the 007 thread for awhile! Lots of pages! :D
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    No only 2 pages but I should update it more...and Cfarmer

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