Steamed and smoked chicken wings

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by dan65, Jul 17, 2015.

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    Steaming and smoking chicken wings turns out to be very very tasty.  It solved my problem of not having crispy skin without using a fryer.  I found the idea from Alton Brown and he explained the steaming/roasting technique -   

    quick steps

    1. Boil water with a steamer basket/colander and reduce to medium

    2. Steam for 10 min(do not overcrowd the wings, may have to do multiple batches)

    3. Set them on a baking pan with foil or paper towels and set in fridge for an hour

    4.  Wipe dry, there will be a bunch of the fat on the bottom of the wing that rendered out

    5.*added step* cover with oil for rub to stick, add rub

    6. Smoke 350ish for about an hour.

    7. Enjoy your wings

    The reason why this technique works is that the steaming process renders the fat underneath the skin allowing for crispy skin.

    I also steamed the wings and left them in the fridge till the next day in order to not have a long cooking session. That way i could just get the smoker setup and go.  The oven works well too, 20 min one side 20 min the other @425F

    That fat under the skin would always be chewy for me and ruin the overall texture of the wing.  I hope you get a chance to try this out.
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    Thanks for sharing !
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    Similar to how they make Peking duck. The duck is first boiled then cooked.

    One word of caution it's not recommended to partially cook poultry and then hold it. You really need to cook poultry to a finished IT of 165 (min.) before holding over. If you didn't get to 165 prior to holding the chicken you risk the chance of food poisoning.
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    I didn't read that right the first time, not sure why... Need a nap I guess, LOL ! That's a good point Case !

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