Steam Cleaning Grill or Smoker

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  1. I'm only a "Newbie", so admittedly, I have lots to learn. I have an original, non-digital Bradley. After each use, I remove the 4 racks, the deflector thing- a- ma- jig, and the burnt bisquette pan. I then let all of it soak in hot water with dishwashing liquid. After a few hours, I wash, then dry each piece by hand. I've only been at this for a few months, so I don't have any kind of solidified build up in the interior of the unit. The instructions that came with the Bradley, said to "season" the unit with 2 hours worth of smoke, and then to leave the interior alone. I do know that each time I use it, whatever I put in tastes better when it's done. It's like all of the flavoring of the previous smokes combine with whichever flavor I'm using. I do spend alot of time making sure that the exterior stays clean. I've heard horror stories about the gaskets on the Bradley dis-integrating. I clean the gaskets with warm, soapy water after each use, and I use Q-tips to get into all the grooves.On the top of the unit, is the "vent" that needs to move freely. The smoke coming out of that vent, very quickly builds up a very sticky residue, that makes it impossible to adjust the size of the opening. I un-screw it, remove it, then soak and wash that piece also after each use. Perhaps I'm crazy, but my unit looks, and performs as well as it did the first day I got it. I've used it about 25 times, and it still works perfectly. As they say, the key is paying attention to the details, and not overlooking the "Little Things". Thanks for letting me share.
  2. I'm going to try a very low powered shark steam cleaner to get around the edges of the door when spring comes.  Reason why is I'm going to continue modding my smoker and one of the things I want to put in there is a high temperature sealant to keep the smoke in.
  3. I,m with you Arnie. Used my " steam machine ", on the Cookshack 050 and Amer-Que the other day, and mopped up the residue with paper towels. I like to get rid of any nasty build ups. Does a beautiful job while enjoying an ice-cold suds. Been doing it for past 10 years. I don't find it hurts any seasoning whatsoever.

  4. I have a pressure washer and cleaned the one we had at the time last time we moved. It took the loose stuff off the grill and soaked me. It did not remove anything else. I believe the best way to do grill cleaning is just get a real good very hot fire going for 3-4 hours and that's it. Open all the vents and burn all the crud out. Any ash or loose pieces can be just picked or swept out. Think of your self cleaning oven, it's done by very high heat. Same principle with the grill. The grill I have now has 3 nice thick porcelain grates and I clean those after each use. They clean up good as new. 
  5. I've cleaned my bricks with a pressure washer, but would never use that on my smoker, however, a jet of steam is very, very hot, and I have found it to be a very, very effective cleaner for my smokers.
  6. The only way I clean any of my smokers is with a hot fire. I have three smokers now, for the time it takes to get those layers in the smokers. I would never dream of washing them out. The more build up in a smoker the better the food taste.
  7. Trust its not layers of tar from pine trees.
  8. We have a Meadow Creek 42PR and use a cheap little pressure washer on it and the grates.  Cleans it beautifully.  Anal about keeping it clean.  Hasn't effected the smoke or flavors.  Still smokes some amazing meats/ribs/chicken/poppers![​IMG]
  9. I sure do approve of "clean" ! Its the cook that makes that special que and takes pride when good comments abound. Its the rubs, brines, and care when smoking the product, that the chef imparts to his or her product.
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    Start a very hot fire and put a water pan in full of water. That will get everything lose and easy enough to scrape off.
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    while going thru my MES 40 sat idle for about 5 months....i filled the water pan up on it and cranked that puppy all the way for a few hours and closed the exhaust vent down to about 1/2 open and let it steam it self...i used some paper towels to dry and clean the inside..worked good for me
  12. Sometimes, life sucks, but bravo, lookin after your smoker !

  13. Why bother i only clean mine about 3 times a year .Just brush the chunks off
  14. Yummy. CHUNKS !

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    Yes I have. I would remove parts grills ,bars,and such.Do them on grass lean against tree or something,you will get wet from spray back.
  16. Have not. Anxious to hear from someone who has. Just cleaned mine the other day though. Easy Off oven spray and a pail full of Dawn and hot water. Sparkling clean!
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    easy off has allot of caustic.......power washer my be better for the steel. clean mine at least once a year. none 23years old
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    I have a MES 30 and I don't clean the interior. I manually clean the racks after each smoke and I wipe down parts that have sauce and/or food stuck to them. Since the inside of the box is so small I would never feel the need to steam clean it anyway. I don't use mine 1% as often as you do. Besides, being electric, I think it would be a bad idea to steam clean the interior.
  19. I was given one of those cheap water dispensing gizmos with wire brush attachment for Christmas a couple of years ago and was quite skeptical. HOWEVER, it's the best cleaner I have ever used and refuse to give it up! I heat my grill, then a couple of passes with this tool and voila! Clean as a whistle!!! 
  20. when I clean the grate, anything that will fit in the kitchen oven. run it through the self cleaning cycle.  

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