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  1. Do any of use steam canners?  My grandmother just purchased one recently and she loves it.  I've read some positive and negative things about them, but the negatives seem to be just because the government won't approve of them because they haven't really tested them.  I am looking to get into canning.  I have canned deer meat before, so I am not a complete noob, but I was wondering what your experiences are with steam canners.  Would you go steam canner or traditional water bath?  I will be buying a pressure canner as well for deer meat.  Are the Presto pressure canners at Wal Mart good ones?
  2. I only use steam and water bath canning for jams and high acid fruits. If you intend to can meat it is my opinion that a pressure canner  is a MUST.     Don't take chances with your health.
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  4. I have a steam canner here, they work good, but as Linguica said, a pressure canner is essential for canning low acid foods like meat.
    I have several canners, All-American, Presto and Mirro, nothing wrong with any of them, but I'm not familiar with some of the newest models...haven't heard any serious complaints.

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    I'm new at canning and just bought an All American because it has no gaskets.I read that it is hard or impossible to get new gaskets for some of the other brands if you keep them for a long time. Hope this helped. 
  6. I just bought a Cuisinart electric pressure cooker and along with it I ordered two replacement seals. The two extra seals will coiled up and and sealed in vacuum sealer bags. Without air they will last many years and work like new when I need them. Now if I can just remember where I put them. The wife says that i suffer from CRS.  Can't Remember Shit.

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