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Discussion in 'Beef' started by lexscsmoker, Jul 18, 2014.

  1. lexscsmoker

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    I'm looking to smoke some steak and I want to use a hunk of beef kinda like a prime rib roast but not prime rib.  I was perusing through the beef forum and saw lots of people either doing prime rib roast or sirloin tip roast or just cuts of steak.  I've kinda crossed out prime rib b/c it's a little pricey for me so I started looking toward the sirloin tip roast.  My question would be is a sirloin tip roast, when cooked, like a sirloin steak or more of a cook till it falls apart roast?  If I wanted to do sirloin steak can I get one in a hunk like prime rib or do I have to get it already sliced?  I planned on going to our local meat market to ask them but I'm not sure when I can make it by there.

  2. waterinholebrew

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    Y'all have Tri-tip over there ? If so try one of them..... Ya IMHO gotta do em on the rare to med-rare side ! If ya can find one, give er a try !
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    If a Steak is what you want, a Beef Loin Sirloin Steak, Pin Bone is the best bet. It is the first steak cut from the Sirloin and is next to the Porterhouse Steak...


    If you are looking for Roasts. One of these is the way to go...I have made quite a few Top Sirloin Butts (NAMP # 184) or simply Top Butt. A good size roast, 8-12 pounds, lean, fairly tender and very flavorful. It is best Smoked to no higher an IT than 140°F with a rest. If a whole Top Butt is too big, a Top Sirloin Center (NAMP # 184B) is the largest of the 3 muscles that make up the whole Top Butt. See this info also...


    On the other end is the Chuck Eye Roll (NAMP # 116D). It is tender because it is, I believe, a continuation of the Rib Eye muscle. A good choice but again Smoke to no more than an IT of 140°F...JJ

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  4. lexscsmoker

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    WHB, I saw some Tri-tip at the store and have heard y'all talking about it but have never tried it.  I may smoke one of those on the side to try it out. 

    Chef, I was looking for a steak but not already cut.  Kinda like a 6lb hunk to smoke whole then cut up into slices when finished.  That chuck eye roll looks great.  I'm planning on smoking these in a couple of weeks so I'll be sure to post when I do.  Thanks gentlemen.
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    For Fathers Day we smoked a big piece of boneless NY Strip, smoked it up to rare, rested it and sliced it to desired steak thickness and threw it on hot grill to reverse sear it to each individuals desired doneness. Turned out great, and this week Kroger has it on sale for 6.99 lb again, not sure if you have a Kroger near ya.
  6. venture

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    If you can get a top sirloin roast I would go for that.

    The sirloin tip at med rare and sliced thin is great for sandwiches, though.

    Getting into the short loin is going to put you near the rib cuts in price.

    Good luck and good smoking.
  7. dirtsailor2003

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  8. demosthenes9

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    Lex, are you wanting to serve nice thick slices like one does with Prime Rib ?   Or is it fine to have a nice large slab of meat in the middle of the table but to have thinner slices that people would grab a pile of ?

    If the latter is ok, you might consider a nice 3" thick top round London Broil.

  9. reinhard

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    Chef Jimmy had some nice pics there.  For me,  it's the chuck eye roll or steak.  Half the price of a rib eye in most places and just as good in my opinion. I buy two chuck eye rolls and tie them together for family events and prepare them med-rare.  Chuck eyes are often on sale when chuck roasts and chuck steaks or put on sale.  The whole top sirloin is also a winner.  Less than prime rib and tender as a butchers heart when smoked to 140 internal or less.  Tri-tip is also a great cut.  Make sure you slice it against the grain to get the full effect of the tenderness.  Reinhard

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