Steak On A trager Wood Pellet Smoker. To Sear Or Not To Sear?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by vbgore, Jun 14, 2014.

  1. I am going to do some steaks on my Traeger wood pellet grill for Father's day. I just bought one of those A-MAZE-N pellet boxes for added smoke and I'm dying to use it. So here's a question: Should I just do the steaks slow and low from start to finish? OR- Should I sear the steaks first, like say in an iron skillet or perhaps even in the Traeger on high and then put them to smoke? Anyone experimented with these different option? Suggestions/opinions? Fire away!

    PS- If the cut of meat matters, I am more than likely going to do New York strips...
  2. I have a pellet pooper. I smoke my stakes at 180*until 200*. I fire up my gasser and sear until 125*. We like our stakes med. rare
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    I say reverse sear ! Smoke the steaks, then sear them ! We do steaks like this all the time, has become a fam fav ! Thumbs Up
  4. Both of you are suggesting what I had in mind, which makes me feel better. I was going to use a slow and slow hickory of mesquite smoke using my AMAZN pellet box (cause I also have some stuffed mushrooms and jalapenos to do at the same time) then Finish the steaks and bacon wrapped peppers on higher heat. So thanks for confirming my gut on this one fellas. Pics later!
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    When I do steak on my Traeger, I turn it to high, and let that thing get just as hot as it will go (400-425), and cook my steaks in it for about 8 minutes per side depending on the thickness. Both my wife and I like it pink to bloody inside.  If I want a sear on it, I reverse sear it, after it comes off the Traeger, on a cast iron griddle.

    But that's just me, it may take a few times to get what you want out of your Traeger.
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  6. Here's the finished product.  Bacon wrapped jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese, dry ranch mix, shredded extra sharp cheddar cheese and oh yeah, a 'Lil Smokie beef cocktail sausage! Covered in my own secret 9 spice dry rub. Next we have a Sicilian stuffed mushroom filled with cream cheese, pepperoni, basil shredded Parmsesan and Asiago cheeses, sun dried tomatoes, minced green olives and roasted garlic. Last, but by no means least we have 2 huge bone in Ribeyes classically prepared with olive oil and coarse ground salt and pepper rub.

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