startting my first smoking venture here tonight!!!

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by rocky sowles, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. rocky sowles

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    thank you all for the help i asked about a few days ago....if your not up to speed...18# turkey first time smoking a turkey..using a uds and running it at 300 deg..


    wed night put turkey in brine

    thursday: shook it around a bit

    friday night: shook around more

    sat morning:pulled out of brine, drained, pat dry and set in frige to be covered in evoo and injected later as im starting the smoker about midnight to cook threw the morning, checking every 2 hours.....

    could anyone give me an estimated time in which it should reach 165 if possible?
  2. smokinal

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    Probably about 6-7 hours.
  3. stickem

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  4. stickem

    stickem Fire Starter

    12:00 am:  TURKEY IS ON!!!! right on time!!! im guessing it will be done 6-8 am then off to the inlaws for xmas dinner is at noon so we might have to keep it in the oven on warm!!  should be good..ill post pics when im done
  5. sprky

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    Best of luck to ya I just did 2 14# birds and 1 took 8.5 hours and other went 10. but smoker was only running around 225. Got a 23 # in now and got it running full bore, it will be done some time in the early am 6-8 am I'm guessing, but it may be later its done when IT hits 165
  6. smokinal

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    I guess it's gonna be turkey day everywhere except here, I'm smoking a ham today.
  7. mballi3011

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    Maybe 6-7 hours and you should be fine and I'm smoking a 18lb brisket today. I have heard of alot of orime ribs going in today too.
  8. stickem

    stickem Fire Starter

    thanks i had the uds roaring at 300 deg....took it off at 5 am on the money so only 5 hours to cook but like i said it was roaring...then it sat in a cooler from 5 am to noon then a warm up in the oven and it was good ill post pics monday
  9. stickem

    stickem Fire Starter


    ENJOY!!!   CUZ WE DID!!!!
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  10. tom c

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    Great job[​IMG]
  11. so ms smoker

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    Nice looking bird!

  12. cdldriver

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