starting new rf build soon

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by rollin smoke, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. Getting this 80 gal tank Wednesday. Thinking about putting a vertical cabinet over the fire box for grilling purposes.
    Gonna be using this air tank for the firebox. putting it on a trailer large enough that I can put my UDS on it too. and still have some room for wood and other things. Gonna be a long build but it will be worth it!
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    Ricky, morning....  Multi use/purpose smokers sometimes don't do both things well....  Think about sticking with building a great smoker that works better than sliced bread...   Just my thoughts.....  Dave
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  4. I think i already crossed out the built in grill idea...going to have room on the trailer to fit a small grill so I'm keeping it simple. Harbor freight has a trailer for $180 that would work great. Going to take a while to build since i plan to do it as cheap as possible. But I'm pretty good at obtaining free stuff.
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    I built a 120 gal on a Harbor freight trailer (small one) it worked well, but had to redo the tongue because it was to short. I would look at trying to find a used trailer that would fit you build. Keep us posted on your build.
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  6. I built a grill on HBs small trailer, the one your talking about and a smoker on their largest trailer. It actually took 2 HB trailers for the smoker.

    My point is I'm starting on another smoker and found a tandem axle trailer on Craig's list for $150. Just about any trailer will surpass HBs little trailer in carrying capacity. You can save money and get more trailer. Just a thought if you haven't already bought one from HB.
  7. I have not bought anything yet. the tank actually is not that heavy really its probably around 80 pounds. I'm going to shop around on Craigslist and places like that before I actually go out and buy something brand new. these longshoreman out here always have something they want to give away!
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    Free stuff is a good thing........ I have found that some times you can buy a boat and trailer for cheap and trash the boat....
  9. I know a couple off people that have ALOT of metal laying around in they're backyards also probably a axle or two I'm sure so...if it comes down to it I could always build one. Where there's a will there's a way! Might take a while but its gonna happen!
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    I feel ya! I have a trailer that I have stripped down and been sandblasting it. I have a tank. But no money for the plate and other things for the build. Was not stressing over the build, then about a month ago I was cleaning out my cheap smoker I have and saw the ground through the cook chamber...... So now I have to replace my porch smoker before I can get going again on the trailer rig....... Oh and I am supposed to do my first comp on Feb I am having to change focus a bit...... Stay the path and it will happen, just be ready for anything...
  11. What competition are you doing? Pigfest in Fl?
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    I was asked by a friend to do one that their church hosts in Orlando. If I can't get something started soon I will have to pass. I want a week or two in order to fine tune and learn the smoker. Don't want to go into it blind. I could figure it out on the fly, but don't really want to...
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  14. Well, if your RF isn't can always pull up with your MES and kill it! From what I hear they're really good smokers. All I have is a UDS...but I've seen them take prizes!
  15. I've always wanted to try one but never have. Nothing ever comes here around savannah like that.
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    Well plan B is to take my father-in laws smoker like mine. The MES is at work and don't think I will be using it....... My job is worth more than the smoker and comp......

    Worse case the wife and I go and support and check it out......
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    So I have to amend my plans for the Comp in Feb. I was invited to be a judge for it. Since I am having issues with my smoker and I was stressing over having one. I have accepted to judge. So now I can focus on the build and doing it right from the start. So it would appear i am on the slow and steady path as well now.... I like that path....
  18. I agree

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