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  1. Well finally got started on my build. Using a 100# propane tank, removed valve let sit upside down for a few weeks, then washed out with soapy water Good to Go. Cut hole for chimney (3.5') , and cutting out door which will be 13" x 31". This will be my spring project, no real rush, have to pick up some steel next time I am in town. Will post pic later today. Any comments along the way would be appreciated.
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    Have you used a calculator to figure appropriate dimensions so the smoker works properly ???

  3. Hi Dave

    This is what I got from the calculator  Link to BBQ Pit Calculator
  4. Well heres the start of the build, so far so good

    Heres my 100# tank

    Cutting out the door

    Chimney hole in


    Cutout for the firebox

    And I threw this one in for all you people sitting in the sunshine enjoying your smoker. This is my back 40 at the deer shack, still almost 2 feet of snow

    Working on my hinges.

    Need to get some more steel for the firebox and inside plate for cook chamber
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    Nice smoker in progress & nice deer!
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    Looks like you have a good start there.
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    Chimney Size
    Enter the diameter of your chimney pipe to find out how long it should be.
    • A chimney that is too short may produce insufficient draft (drawing of air). A chimney that is too long may cause the air to cool before it exits, reducing effective draft and worse, dripping of exhaust materials onto food!
    • Many horizontal smokers have an exhaust between 30-40 inches in length, but there is no hard and fast formula.
    • If you are building a horizontal smoker with a vertical cooking cabinet, realize that the cabinet partly acts as an exhaust, thus you may greatly shorten the chimney.

    12" chimney may be too short to pull draft.... I'd go with at least 24" length

    18.82 FB/CC opening is too small.... Feldon's calculator has a problem.... I would go with 28 sq. in. opening between the FB and CC... also use the same number under the RF plate...
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    Kamont, morning.... I see you have a few questions where you started new threads.... It's difficult to follow what's going on.... Please put all your questions, about this build, in this thread for continuity..... It will surely help you get answers from our members.....

  9. Does the position of the fire box matter?

    My fire box will be 14" square, just wondering if it matters which way it gets mounted. I would like to load from the front (as you face the smoker) as opposed to end or side. Thanx for the help
  10. Hi Dave

    I moved the post 

  11. Hi Dave

    Chimney will be 24"

    FB/CC opening will be approx 25 sq. in.

  12. Got a little bit more done.

    Added a 2" pipe nipple in centre for a clean out

    Added 1" valve for a grease drain


    Angle iron down centre to collect grease, attached to drain

    Haven't started any welding yet, just getting all my parts together.
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  13. Got a little bit more done today, added the stand. Had a couple of old wheels around off an old lawn tractor should work good for moving the smoker around.

  14. Door is framed handle installed and hinges on


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