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  1. About to knock the bottoms out the drawers. Could have said that anothet way i guess but to late for that lol. Going to hinge the bottom drawer door to swing open instead of pulling out to add fuel when needed. Dont want to slide the drawer out to add fuel and be removing all my heat from cabinet in the process. Even if its temporary. Suggestions? I should be able to find something in this shop to help with the destruction haha
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  2. Sounds like a nice build. I look forward to seeing the build.

    Happy smoken.

  3. Made a trip to Lowes and Academy today for some castors and found oven dehydrating grates i think will be fine for my smoker. Almost a perfect fit on width but may need some bolts to hold them up if need be. Read different opinions as far as needing water tray for moisture and catching drippings or not. Multiple level thermos necessary? Is there some kinda formula for my cubic feet and airflow needed as far as making my inlet and outlet exhausts? My board man has two oak trees for us to cut up tomorrow so its perfect timing. Thoughts on this and tips please? Hate to measure once and cut twice.

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